Malaysia by interfering with Philippines’ fishing and oil exploration

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Last updated: November 4, 2019

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy. Malaysia is located in Southest Asia. There are 13 states and 3federal territories and thetotal area of it is 330,803 sq. kilometers. The South China Sea has separatedit by two similar sized region. Peninsular Malaysia and EastMalaysia are the two regions. Ourgovernment claims a bit of Spratly islands in the disputed South China Sea.

ButChina and Taiwan is also claiming them with the rest of the 3.5 million-square-kilometersea that is filled with large amount of oil, gas and fish. We even opened an isletcalled Layang Layang, to diving tourism. As the U.

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S. Energy InformationAdministration says that The Southeast Asian countries has reserves of 5billion barrels of crude oil and 80 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in sea,more than other claimants. But we are saying a little about its claims comparedto the other claimants such as China, Taiwan, Vietnam and thePhilippines. On March 20, 2017,Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Anifah Aman said, China and Malaysia do not have overlapping territorial claims in theSouth China Sea.

Malaysia and other Asean nations,who are claimants to the territory also claimed by China, do not acknowledgethe republic’s “nine-dash line” argument as it was not in accordancewith international laws, including the United Nations Convention on the Law ofthe Sea (UNCLOS) 1982. China’s claims of “historic title” in the SouthChina Sea has dismissed by the United Nations. After years of conflict amongChina, the Philippines and other countries, it is a major decision that hasbeen taken.

The UN PCA in The Hague said China has no historic title to thearea. And by interfering with Philippines’ fishing and oil exploration in thearea, the court also ruled that China had violated that country’s rights. Inrecent years, despite other countries’ objections, China has seized and rebuiltterritory in the area. One of the conflicts is over China’s activities onnatural reefs. To support military bases, it has built many artificial islands.The UN court again ruled against these activities and said that Country did nothave any exclusive economic rights to a disputed band of land and reefs calledthe Spratly Islands. An ASEAN-China forum to be proposed by ASEAN which could actas a platform for continuous discussion and negotiation on the dispute.

The UNand ASEAN may ask for an official declaration from each claimant nation aboutits claim based on requirement of international law to be endorsedsubsequently, if found in order. Once the boundary is decided at the initiativeof UN, protection of the borders can be assured through mutual cooperation.China’ aggressive stand shall have to be countered and enforcement capabilitiesof weaker nations shall have to be enhanced through international cooperationinvolving interested nations like US, Japan, India, Australia and EU nations.

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