MALWARE which actually means malicious software. It gains

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MALWARE malware is a software which damages the system application and also gains access to the system. Malware is an abbreviated term which actually means malicious software. It gains access to the system without the knowledge or permission of the user. Malware is used to perform a variety of functions like deleting sensitive data, stealing the information from the owner without his knowledge, hijacking the computer of the user etc.

So it is very useful for the hackers to gain access to the targeted computers. Malware is a broad term which encompasses computer virus, trojans, worms, spyware, adware etc. In a simple way, it is a software which can do harm to the data and applications in the system.VIRUS Virus is a malicious program. The term computer virus was first coined by Fred Cohen in 1983. When it is executed it replicates itself and changes the code of the program present in the system. It is very much similar to the flu virus as it can easily spread from host to host and by modifying all program by inserting its own code. It never occur’s naturally but always induced by people intentionally or unintentionally.

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It has the capacity to delete all the information in your system and it can also spread to other computers itself through your email accounts. In most of the cases virus occur in our system when we try to download some music or games which is infected with a virus and by opening virus-infected emails or websites.WORM A Computer worm is a malicious software which is self-replicating.

A worm is considered to be a subclass of the virus. Unlike a virus, it can travel across your system without any human action. They replicate the programs in our system hundreds of times and consume lots of memory in our system. Like viruses worms also originate from emails and their attachments. They are the stand-alone malicious program which can replicate on their own. Once a worm enters your system it searches for all the opportunities to spread itself to everybody in our contact list.

Michelangelo worm was the first instance when the worm was detected in 1990’s.PAYLOAD The payload is actually the essential data that is being carried in a file or a packet. When a data is sent on the internet it consists of a header and actual data, that actual data in the whole data is payload data. The payload is the only data that is received from the destination system from the whole data packet that is sent. In Computer security wise payload is a part of private user text which contains malicious programs.

Payload has a overhead code which helps it from being undetected by the user and can be easily spread. It can perform some malicious activities like deleting data, sending spams and other activities.

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