Managing The last category is “delete” are unnecessary tasks

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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Managing my time used to come very easily to me whether itcame to work, school, or both.  As I amgetting older, I have realized I seem to not have enough time in the day to doeverything.  After reading throughmultiple articles, this article related to me the most.  In the article “If There’s Never Enough Time, TimeManagement Isn’t Your Real Problem”, Jenn Lofgren suggests that time managementis all based on the decisions we make and how we prioritize all of our tasks athand(Lofgren, 2017).

  Before you can makedecisions or choose which task to do, it is recommended that you analyze yourperformance for at least a week.  Onceyour week is over, review how you spent your time.  As nurses, we do not like to tell peopleno.

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  This is one of the issues related totime management, due to taking on too many tasks.  This article also touches on where to puteach task at hand within the four “D’s”: do, decide, delegate, or delete(Lofgren, 2017).  The “do” category istasks that need to be completed now, for example, a patient with a blood sugarof 40 or a paper that is due within the next two hours.  The “decide” category is prioritizing whichpatients needs need to be met first.  The”delegate” category is something that needs to be complete but can be done byanother staff member like a patient care assistant helping a patient to thebathroom.   The last category is “delete” are unnecessarytasks that you have added to your agenda that is simply wasting your time.  Understanding that time management can be affected by somany obstacles is very important.

For me it’s making the important decisions onwhere to put each task in the four categories as stated above.  To manage my time more effectively, I haverealized I need to delegate more at home tasks to my family to allow myself theextra time to focus on school.  I feelthis will help me free up more time to meet deadlines, be proactive, and learnto get rid of unnecessary tasks that fill up my day.

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