Many process examples include analyzing the shipping delivery

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Many companies are now adopting analytics processes and its deployment in bid data to improve their operational efficiency, to drive new revenue to the company and mainly to gain an advantage over their business rivals. Both the articles mentioned below explains the impact of big data and it’s existence. The growing obtainability of platforms and analytical tools for big data has enabled the company environments scale to handle large volumes of data that come from a wide variety of sources. As the big data analytics support predictive and prescriptive analytics, they enable the users to rapidly analyze substantial amounts of data in real-time or near a real-time window.

Apart from that big data analytics provides some data mining skills or techniques which actually helps us in the analysis of data and some analytic and discover patterns which further leads in the enhancement of the performance of the business process examples include analyzing the shipping delivery data, traffic data. If a company want to adopt bod data into their environment, then it must accommodate a different type of users like the data scientist, business analyst, business managers and mainly IT developers, who support all the prior users. All these roles will work together to build the model and they participate in the meetings for the effective development of the model. Data scientist deals with the data sets from the data arrived from different sources and look for any patterns that help the business interests.

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The models are reviewed by the business analysts and also, they start evaluating them or the patterns which might affect the business growth. Finally, there comes the entry of the IT developers and the managers concerned with the business and also, they develop some models and new processes related to the business models. The early users of big data technologies were Internet tech-giants like Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Netflix and analytics services providers.

Each of these companies relied on analytical applications and operational things on requiring fast-flowing streams of data to ingest, process, analyze, and then feed the results back to improve performance (2018). BIG DATA AND ITS BUSINESS IMPACTS – yield study. online Available at:http://www.yieldstudy.

com/big-data-and-its-business-impactsStanding, T. (2018). Big data and its big business impact. online Cpaglobal.

com. Available at:

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