Many unsecure circumstances had managed to take its

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Last updated: September 24, 2019

Many people see the task of going to school and the opportunity of an education as a burden, butfor me it has always been a blessing that has been hard to come by. Growing up, my path toeducation has been a bumpy and difficult one.

I’m not saying this because I thought the studieswere too hard or that I faced any challenges in school. The main reason for its difficulty hasalways been the environment I was born and grown up in.By now, it is pretty obvious that Afghanistan isn’t the safest or the most secure place to grow upin. The chances of an explosion happening on any given day is the same as that of a car crash.These obstacles and unsecure circumstances had managed to take its toll on my education. Everyday, I used to go to college in fear until one day my fear became a reality. You see, the universitythat I attended in Afghanistan was an American one by the name of American University ofAfghanistan (AUAF).

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The problem is that foreign institutions are under great risk in a countrylike Afghanistan. On the fourteenth of August of last year, while I was in class learning about thefree market economy, the university fell victim to a terrorist attack. I still remember the shockingpanic and chaos that came after the sudden explosion.In the aftermath of that explosion, I was left to figure out what to do with my educational career.My parents and family, concerned for my safety, strictly advised me to not return to AUAF.Without AUAF, there was no other choice for me in Afghanistan. This university was the onlyone with an American based education system and since I had attended most of my high schoolin an American school, an American education system was the only option for me.

Seeing as how I had run out of options in Afghanistan, I look forward to continuing myeducation in America. This way, I will have the comfort of a peaceful environment to study andgo into what I have always wanted, business. Ever since I was fourteen years old, I have joinedmy dad’s business and have helped him run it successfully since then.

With my education inAmerica, I hope to study business and broaden my knowledge and experience so that I canparticipate in business in an international level and hopefully even take my dad’s business to aninternational level.It is true that the road to my education has been a bumpy one, but I have always found a way toget through the difficulties successfully. This time, I hope to overcome my obstacles bytransferring my education to America and striving to reach my goals of participating ininternational business.As a student at Virginia International University I will be able to learn and meet higher educationstandards which will help me in becoming a professional in the career that I am pursuing.

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