MARKETING! people’s ATTENTION”.Marketing has become a popular subject

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..WHAT IS MARKETING  ????Discovering your ideal customers that allows you to build your entire business together with attracting and retaining the customer.For example: ZARA is selling Indian Lungi at an exorbitant price of 69.9 british pounds (Rs. 6200 approx.

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) . By described Lungi as “FLOWING SKIRT WITH DRAPED DETAIL IN THE FRONT”.            ” MARKETING  is a CONTEST for the people’s ATTENTION”.Marketing has become a popular subject , which is reflected in the burgeoning number of publications in this area . In the light of increasing globalization of the world economy , marketing become the necessity for the survival of the organizations in order to promote their businesses and  their products through communication with their customers . In the present era, marketing become such a crucial requirement for the expansion and promotion of the business whether small or big in order to commoditized the product.Since , the businesses all around the world had its pretty goods, driven by unprecedented growth in consumption .

Cheap , easily available borrowings had accelerated the boom of the property  markets and encourage consumers to live beyond their means by speculating on the ever increasing values of their homes and properties. For marketers , this had been a golden era as consumers were ready , cash-rich customers hungry for luxury-branded products and services . The economy could no longer sustain these reckless levels of lending and consumers spending. The economic bubble had , once against burst..

. The focus of marketing is primarily on carried out marketing activities within a defined boundries where the marketer is relatively free to plan, implement, and control marketing plans , including decisions on the marketing mix within a relatively known and easily researchable marketing environment.IMPACT OF MARKETINGWhile considering market strategy , the effect of the marketing is carefully considered in order to make appropriate adjustments in the strategy made.

While the organization may carefully analysed the impact of marketing on its well-developed  market objective in order to analysis the positive and negative impact of marketing over the businesses, individuals and society.For example :Marketing as Positive – A community hospital that describe the various services.Marketing as Negative  – Fashion designers who have extremely thin models present their clothing to the public.MARKETING HAVE IMPACT OVER THE FOLLOWING:-MARKETING AFFECT  BUSINESS Marketing affect the business by critically evaluate the business functions ,                        by  providing customer satisfaction and  by increasing brand awareness.

The following are explain below:Critical business function : Understanding the seven marketing functions such  as product management , distribution , selling , marketing-information management, financing , pricing , promotion, distribution and promotions by using the various marketing concepts which may focus over the need of customers while planning the market functions.Customer satisfaction : Understanding the needs and wants of customers including the likes and dislikes of the customers. It help the businesses to make the better decisions about what to sell and how to sell it. It also allow the companies to operate more effective and efficiently.Increase brand awareness :  Beside providing information about product , consumers rely on trusted brands and it helps the businesses to increase their brand awareness by increasing product quality and brand loyalty and represents the best values.  

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