Mary Claire King is a human geneticist. But long

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Mary Claire King is a human geneticist. But long before that she was a whole another person. Now you might be asking who is mary claire king? Mary claire King was born on February 27, 1946, in Evanston, Il. She was born in Chicago. After she graduated she went to the university of california to be a doctorate in statistics. But later on she realized that it wasn’t for her and fell in love with the application of mathematics and statics to solving genetic problems.

Then she went  to the genetics program in 1967, and for the first time started doing experimental biology. Most of the work she has done has changed the way people view life in general.         One of those things was discovering the region on the genome that eventually became known as BRCA1, the first gene linked to a bigger chance of getting breast cancer and ovarian cancer. But most people thought it was to crazy so the thought didn’t have many supporters. But later on it transformed the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

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        Now onto a very exciting topic for me anyways in 1946 Mary Claire King and Allan Wilson showed  the genetic similarities between chimpanzees and humans. They showed that chimpanzees and humans shared ninety-nine percent of their DNA. Before King and Wilson’s’ discovery, many scientists were still doubtful of the relationship between chimpanzees and humans. However, King and Wilson’s’ evidence supported the theory that chimpanzees and humans have a genetic tie.         Mary claire king had studied a large Costa Rican family with autosomal dominant progressive non-syndromic hearing loss and have recently through positional cloning identified a protein truncation mutation in the human homologue of the Drosophila diaphanous gene. This mutation was found in all deaf family members and not in normal hearing family members or over 300 control individuals. Treacher-Collins syndrome, characterized by deafness with other severe abnormalities, has also been mapped on the same part of chromosome 5.

 “If two things that far apart turn out to be the same gene, then maybe a lot of other” forms of deafness will be too,

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