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Last updated: July 18, 2019

 Mass Shootings: Consequence of theProgressive World Mass shootings and the spontaneity of such events sweep the nationin a whirlwind of speculation and misinterpretation. Our lawmakers andpolitical figureheads look to solve these atrocities through contemporarylegislation as if they are afraid to find its roots are much more prevalent inthe hearts and minds of all men. “Gun crime”, “video game violence”,”extremism”; how often are these terms thrown around? Whatever buzzwords areused to describe these events, they all speak to a deeper, systemic problemthat’s concerned with the spirit of all men than what the media would have youbelieve. The masculine features of themale spirit to make himself in the world is the same force that organizedalmost every society in patriarchal way, whether or not one has much sympathyfor “the patriarchy” isn’t the point, the point is that the systems of old havebeen torn down and replaced with global infrastructure that forsake the spiritof men to make its priority economic organization.

With the spirit ofmasculinity being under attack, it has in turn become more animalistic andprimal; everything from rap culture, drugs, individualism, hyper-sexuality, andeven suicide have made the downtrodden state of man more apparent, but perhapsthe most physical and extreme manifestation of man’s dissatisfaction and frustrationare when it’s coupled with hate and mental instability, producing massshootings. Most people can understand that peoples and societies conform tothe times, but what often goes unnoticed is how the wellness of a nation has animpact on the individual. The end of WWI marked a new era for American andEuropean societies alike. When monarchies were overthrown in hope thataristocracy would be abolished, the aristocracy was instead shifted from nobleborn people, to mercantile people. With this shift we see first world nationsmaking the economy a priority through any means necessary. This shift coupledwith globalization of enterprise and the rapid development of technology iswhat propelled nations and peoples into the modern world. Few thought about thepossible repercussions of this rapid development as the majority of people werepreoccupied with the fruits of mass production and the rise in livingstandards.

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As economies move from interdependence and sustainability to surplusand greater wealth, there is a large rise in individualism (Greenfield 2014).One study states, “Young people in the U.S. increasingly endorseindividualistic values. For example, cohort analyses show robust generationalincreases in assertiveness (Twenge, 2001a), extraversion (Twenge, 2001b),unrealistically high expectations (Reynolds et al., 2006), and narcissistictraits (Stewart & Bernhardt, 2010;”). However, this doesn’t come without consequence, community and civicvalues are being replaced with a greater focus on the self, too much focuscreates a large gap between expectations and reality, which have a substantialimpact on mental health (Greenfeild 2014). Confused and disoriented with the prospect ofliving in the modern world, many Men have defaulted to the avenue of massviolence; unbalanced mentally, sure, but this only a symptom.

A lot of men arefrustrated because modern society has been systematically designed to ignoreand deny their biological fulfillment and needs to make themselves. The biologicaldrive to prosper and support is blocked by global economic infrastructure thatreduces most men to what is essentially a wage slave and disable the innatemomentum of a man’s spirit. You can advance in your career, but never on yourown terms. It’s rare to find a self-made man because there are few avenues tomake yourself. It was only a hundred years ago that the craftsmen couldcultivate some skill and make a living off his own endeavor. Now you need ahundred-thousand-dollar degree to compete with people to sell insurance.

Themedia’s constant focus on superficial matters that splinter off these “massshootings” only serve to trivialize the issue at stake, that is the hearts andminds of all men under our current systems. For those who take a break from the24/7 media for the sake of reflection and introspection upon their ownwellbeing and the fitness of others around them, many will arrive to the sameconclusion. 

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