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MediaEthics In the era of communication,effective communication is important in affecting public point of view. Beforeexploring more about Media Ethics in Islam one should have a clear knowledge aboutMedia and Ethics.

How they can be related with each other in knowledge of Islam.Media is now a day fundamental channelof communication all around the world in form of broadcasting and narrowcastingwhich included television, newspapers, internet, and communication throughtelephone. Ethics or Moral Philosophy is moral principlesdealing with good and bad moral duty of an individual behavior, which is basedon the activity which is conducted by particular group, culture, etc. Media EthicsWhen we combine thesetwo subdivisions we have a mixture of principles and standards. A definitionthat can be devise with these mixtures is as follow; Media ethics is the subdivision of applied ethics dealing with thespecific ethical principles and standards of media, including broadcast media,film, theatre, arts, print media and the internet.i Ethics is important inmedia because it create a guideline for the journalists to remain in the limits.Professional responsibility, legal responsibility, social responsibility shouldbe the main priorities for any type of media organization.

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Media ethics arealso trending an important role in the society. People are getting more awarewhy it is important and how it is affecting the culture and the religion,because what you see is what you adapt. So it’s very important how it is takencare in this global village era, where everything is available on a touch of a finger. Media Ethics in IslamLuckily Allah Almightyhas provided moral guidelines in the perspective of media ethics in the Holy Quran. All the set ofinstructions are provided in Holy Quran in understanding difference between rightand wrong. If a Muslim act against the teachings of Islam it consider as awrong act.

The way Muslims are sketched in the media is a very debatable issue.Muslim Umma is facing many social, financial, scientific and educationalproblems, which make them depended on western countries. Muslims should be morefocused on concepts in the Islamic perspective of communication in the light ofQuran and Hadith. After Umma now Muslims are responsibly to fight against evilway of communication.

 Islam gives completeright to express things, its responsibility of media to give correctinformation to people to give true image of Islam and Muslims. Western mediapromotes unfaithfulness and vulgarity which is totally against from Islamicconcept. Islam is the religion of peace and faithfulness and affection insociety. Islam give high honor to women and its clear stated in Holy Quran tobe treated equally, where western media portrait a different image of women. Many media channelsbroadcast news without any confirmation; they print fake news which is strictlyprohibited in Islam. Allah Almighty saysin Quran: “O, you who believe, if awicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harmpeople unwillingly and afterwards become full of repentance for what you havedone” (Al-Hujrat: 6). Religious debates are not forbidden in Islam, butIslam suggest that conversation should be done in good manner througharguments.

Allah Almighty says in Quran”Let there arise a band of people invitingto all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong”(Aal-iImran: 104) In the same Surah, Allahagain says: “You are the best people,evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, andbelieving in Allah” (Aal-iImran: 110). Promoting right things and eliminatingevil things is basic concept of communication in Islam. Responsibility comes tocommunication media to deliver good deed and remove evil from the society.Allah has said in Surat Al Hajj: “(Theyare) those who, if we establish them in the land, establish regular prayer andgive regular charity, enjoin the right and forbid wrong” (Al Hajj: 41).Peoplewho don’t believe in the ethics and uprightness of communication and encourage misinterpretationabout Islam are totally false.  The news of ajournalist is actually a witness, whose stealing from public is a sin.

Allah says: “And do not concealevidence; for whoever conceals it, his heart is tainted with sin. And Allahknows all that you do.” (AlBakra: 283). Allah has further said: “Andcover not Truth with falsehood, nor conceal the Truth, when you know (what itis)” (Al Bakra: 42). Another important aspect of the Islamic concept ofcommunication is that wisdom and sanity have special importance incommunication. Here are few things tokeep in communication following with ethics in Islam. ·        No commutation mediahas right to interfere in personal lives of the people.

Islam secured the privatelives of Muslims.·        Scandals of womenshould not be highlighted in media, there should be special care in mattersregarding women.·        Allah Almighty hasmade compulsory to respect all human, using bad names for each other is forbiddenin Holy Quran.

·        Backbiting is prohibitedin Islam, one should not be accused without any solid proof.·        Exaggeration is alsoforbid from Quranic teachings. New should not be broadcast without any researchand proof.·        Media in Islam shouldpromote good deeds and stop evil deeds getting pulished to peoples.·        Decent conversation, essays,columns and analysis should be telecast on news channels, love and brotherhoodshould be spread.

  The biggest reason of segregationof Umma is backwardness in communication and media. It is the duty of Muslims countriesto pay special attention on Media Ethics which is should be followed accordingto the teaching of Islam. People can’t stay away from mass communication it isthe biggest source of change in society.

it is also the responsibility ofMuslim media to follow Islamic concept of communication to portray the real imageof Islam before the world.

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