“Statins for all! …. but isn’t cholesterol a vital cellular component? ” Nowadays, many people associate cholesterol with diseases and refer it to something harmful to human body; however, cholesterol is not all bad. In fact, it is one of the essential cellular components in animal cells. Figure 1 (NIGMS, 2011) Figure 2. (Medex UK, 2009) Cholesterol is a waxy steroid, mostly made by in the liver and found certain

Thoracic cord ventral herniation through the dura defect

Thoracic cord ventral herniation throughthe dura defect is an uncommon condition causing progressive myelopathy. Mostof the cases occur spontaneously, could be congenital or idiopathic. For somepatients there could be a history of previous thoracic surgery or trauma. Thedura defect usually needs repair to prevent progression of the myelopathy. The aimof our report is to increase the clinical awareness of this conditionand highlight the importance of early diagnosis.  Casereport: A33-year-old man

The these movements, there needs to be: ·

The robotic hand exoskeleton fits the need of seniors with quadriplegia because it takes into account both of the problems that the pre-existing products had including the verbal voice activation robot and the EMG controlled input robot. The robotic hand exoskeleton has altered the faults of the verbal activation robot as well as the EMG control input robot. It now consists of EEG and EMG signals being sent from the

Criminal Responsibility Assessment

Criminal Responsibility AssessmentInsanity or mental disorder has often been used by criminals or defendants to explain the motives of their actions. When claiming to be insane, defendants imply that they were unable to refrain from committing a crime. This lessens the level of responsibility for the crime by the defendant pending a psychiatric state evaluation. The issue has become a major controversy in various jurisdictions in contrast with the legal

Unter der Kraftaufbau, egal ob operiert oder nicht,

Unter demfolgenden Abschnitt werden alle erhobenen Daten der Publikationen tabellarischund narrativ zusammengefasst. Der unter Gruppenvergleich ergänzte p-Wertsymbolisiert dabei einen statistisch signifikanten Effektnachweis im Interventionsvergleich.4.1       Studien über Elektromuskuläre Stimulation(EMS)Ausder Studie von Feil et al., 2011, geht hervor, dass sich ElektromuskuläreStimulation (EMS) kombiniert mit einem Krafttrainingsprogramm in dergeschlossenen kinetischen Kette, gemessen in einem Kniewinkel von 90° als auch180°, sowohl signifikant im Vergleich zur Kontrollgruppe, auf die Steigerungder Kraft als auch auf die

How much progress did the Egyptians make in Medicine

Some people feel that the Egyptians made considerable progress in medicine because of the way they could examine parts of the body during the mummification process. This allowed them to find out information about how the body worked. By removing the organs, they knew where they were located inside the body and what they were attached to. The Egyptians discovered that the body could be preserved in many things, including

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