Medieval Romance Characteristics

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Last updated: April 29, 2019
Code of Chivalry
The hero-knight lives and abides by this code of honor, loyalty to his lord and word, courage, respect, bravery, selflessness, gentlemanly behavior

An idealized Noble Hero-knight
A Hero-knight is idealized for his noble, chivalrous behaviors and his daring deeds

Women held in high regard
Women are idealized and held in high regard by hero-knight; put on a pedestal, respected, and often have some power of men

Mystery and Supernatural Elements
There are supernatural beings and creatures (i.e. witches and wizards), and mysterious elements in the plot; some characters identities are covered up/hidden

Imaginative, vast, fairytale-like setting
Setting of tales is highly imaginative, and seems fairytale like (not real); and there is a vastness to them (hero-knight has to journey far away from home)

Repetition of 3’s and 7’s
There is a motif or pattern of characters and events occurring in 3’s or 7’s…these were magical, mythical numbers connected to ideas of fate and faith

Simple, predictable plot
The plot line is very obvious in these tales. can predict where the story is heading and there are inevitable events; it’s not complicated

Quest for love and/or adventure
Hero-knight sets out on a quest (journey) for love and/or adventure in order to fulfill or claim his hero status. Along the way he faces obstacles and performs daring deeds.

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