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MEETINGS LOGISTICS CHECKLIST Location:·      Central/Easy access·      Affordable·      Comfortable Facility:·      Hotel§  Services, for example, catering, utensilsrental for most part simple to organize. ·      School/University§  Cost may be lower.  §  Scheduling dependent on school yearcycle.

  §  Food service on campus may be availablefor your use.·      Corporations/Associations/Engineering Firms§  Businesses with huge gathering rooms mightbe a decent hotspot for meetings. §  Offer an ease elective.·      Community Centers/Convention Centers§  These differ with area and size,expenses and administrations Meeting Facility Requirements:·      Ensure there is enough room to put up your session.  ·      Allow additional space for registration, onsite enrollmentand systems administration.  ·      Theater seating may be function admirably for a lecturestyle presentation; however, an interactive workshop may require classroomseating, boardroom, panel discussions need head table, etc.   ·      Are there hookups for any technology you need?  ·      If someone is participating by conference call, is there aspeakerphone in the room.

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  ·      Need an Internet hookup, ensure there is one available. Audio Visual & TechnologyRequirements:  Microphone:  Do you require a microphone for your speaker or microphones for addressee’s questions? Computer, data projector, screen: Will you need a PC and data projector and screen for the presentation.  Is the speaker bringing that equipment, or are you responsible for providing that? Speakerphone: Is a speakerphone required?  Ensure there is a phone line and phone in the room. Tech support: If you are using the hotel to provide your equipment, do they have technical support on staff?  If not, who will supply that assistance and for what cost.  Internet hook-up: Ensure you have the speed you require, and your PC has the proper hardware and software to attach.   Food & Beverage: If you have booked the hotel than it will be easy for you to arrange food because you can book it with catering services. If you are meeting online, you can book services from online food providers so at same time all the members can get food at their respective places. If you tie-up with food chain or multi cuisine restaurants it will be cost effective.

 Room Block:Ø  It will depend on the participantswhere they are coming from and will they stay overnight?  If so what are you expected to provide. If you are going to conduct meeting at some hotel than it will be beneficial to book a room in the same hotel, so it will be lot cheaper and convenient for the participants to reach at meeting hall. If you are going to conduct meeting at other place than at hotel so you have to search for near by hotel from the meeting place and also you have to check for the price.

 Pitfalls:Havebackup plans in the event ofØ  Speaker cancellation, illness, orlatenessØ  WeatherØ  Equipment failureØ  Schedule changesPutting on a Welcome Meeting P-PLAN What will this meeting accomplish? q    Bringprospects in contact with enthusiastic members. q    Explainthe benefits of membership q    Welcomeprospects (newly-licensed PEs) to the profession and to offer our assistance intheir present and future career needs.q    Writearticles about the upcoming Welcome meeting in your monthly newsletter.

  Be sure to explain the purpose of the meetingand the importance of recruiting new members.q    Mailinvitations to prospects within your local community.  Ask a member or staff to follow-up via emailor phone to encourage the prospect to attend.q    Encouragea member to stand up and tell about his/her most positive experience as amember.

q    Makesure there is an element of fun in the meeting. L-LOGISTICS What do we need to make this meetingsuccessful?  Is the site prepared for themeeting? q    Schedulethe meeting shortly after the exam date.q    Worksbest if it is approximately 25 people or less.

q    Decidewhere you will have this meeting.  Try tothink outside the box.  Consider gradeschools, galleries and museums, outdoor spaces, etc.  Always select spacesand manage the environment so it encourages and supports the type of thinkingyou are trying to generate.

q    Determinea top ten list of things you want to avoid. Things like temperature, disgruntled members, or poor preparation canlead to a bad experience for prospective members.q    Makesure there are enough chairs and they are set-up in an inclusive, welcomingarrangement that encourages conversation.q    Considerhaving light music playing in the background. Musiccan lift the tempo of the interaction by energizing participants. Additionally,it eases the tension some might feel if a conversation exchange ends and”dead air space” follows.q    Makesure you offer light fare at this meeting.

 Food and drink are always welcome. Besides,people automatically have something to do if you serve finger foods. Whensomeone has something specific to do, they are less likely to feel intimidatedor awkward.q    Make prospects feel welcome by building in support systems. Askleaders and hosts to watch for, and to introduce themselves to anyone who looksa bit lost or who could use a friend.     A-ACTIVITIES What will happen during the meeting? q    Recitethe Engineers Creed.  Welcome these newlylicensed engineers into the community and extend a helping hand.

q    Havetwo members tell “horror” stories about taking the exam.  Then, ask one or two prospects to tell abouttheir recent experience.q    Besure to mention at least 3 successful programs and how you have participated inthem.q    Haveprospects and members create groups of 5 and see which can answer 5 MATHCOUNTSquestions the fastest.  To the winners—aprize!q    Scheduleand invite them to an “Order of the Engineer Ceremony”. N-NEEDS How do we assess what members/prospect needs are? q    Giveprospects a questionnaire or comment card to determine their needs.


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