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Meaning of Success

Success is a mind set and passion towards certain line of life. There are various way that one can succeed in life key among them being; taking responsibilities, avoiding procrastinating, building your inner skills and finally through taking care of the body. Taking responsibilities entails stop making blame and judgement about others because the cirmstances in one’s life does not caused by someone else. It is taking responsibilities that make your mind set because as an individual you are responsible for fixing those problems by making them appear better. Stopping procrastination on the other hand helps in mind nourishment. Postponing doing things is a sure way of doing it poorly.

Tackling the task early and having more time to review it helps in life excel. Build your individual skills by studying hard and become good in whatever you are engaging is the surest way of success, preceded by good future and life. This may entail practices like taking extra classes further education. Finally taking care of the body through eating, exercising and maintain cleanliness. Seek medical advice when sick to curb problems from arriving. It is always advisable to deal with the problem or challenge prematurely to avoid it getting out of hand.

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Brave in Love

As we walked past the river, I reminisced about the eventful bash we had just celebrated with my former schoolmates. It was after such a long time that I had forgotten the face of some of my old friends, but there was one that had ever stuck in mind since we met in high school – Jane.

She had been my teenage sweetheart, and I had made a vow that if by any chance I decide to settle down in the near future, she would be the perfect choice for me, as I envied her more than I did anything else. This occasion had made it possible for us to reunite, and reignite our past love, and she had agreed to spend a few days at my place, as I had later planned to introduce her to my parents. I was woken from my reverie by a sudden movement coming from the left side of the thicket. I tightened my grip of Jane’s soft hands, as I helplessly felt a cold shiver run down my spine. Shortly, two men emerged and pointed knives at us, and ordered us to let go of every valuable in our possession. We obviously had no problem with this, and we instantly obliged. However, they demanded that I should let go of Jane, and walk away.

That was perhaps the most awkward thing I had ever heard in my entire life. I reconciled within myself that it was a moment to act, and show Jane that above all things, she was the most important possession in my life. I decided to use a prank on them, and pretended to walk away, when I suddenly retreated and attacked one of them with such force that he plunged into the river.

Before his partner could recollect himself, I shoved him as well into the deep water, and shouted to Jane that we should run. We reached at my house panting and out of breath, and bewildered at how close we were at losing each other. Jane gave me a sincere hug and thanked me dearly for saving her life, and noted that I was the bravest man she has ever known. Indeed, I did not feel any less. I certainly could not believe that I went through with that ordeal, but I realized that I gained more courage out of it. Without any doubt, Jane would accept my proposal, I consoled myself.

How to Deal with Embarrassment at Work

Labour is the road to success.

The day had started nicely with all the visitors already in the compound ready to start the celebration that was organised by the county commissioner who was the guest of honour at the same time. Being his personal secretary, I would not miss the event as I would run some activities within.The event was launched at around eleven in the morning and all the members of the national assembly were present ready to listen to the speech that was to be presented by the commissioner who was also the sponsor of the ceremony. This speech would help him gain some promotion in the national government as a permanent secretary or a cabinet secretary. The speech was written by none other than me.

Immediately the commissioner started to present the speech, I realised that some information was biassed since we never knew that members of the county assembly would be present. I stood immediately and excused myself as the commissioner talked, I asked him to give me the book that contained the speech so that i correct something, I bravely moved away and plucked the page that contained the biassed information before he would read it As I gave back the book, he read it fluently without noticing that a page was plucked which contained some information that would not help him e promoted. Finally he was saved and promoted.

How to become Fearless and Bold

Braveness is all about wisdom. The adventure to the forest had started and all the tour guides were ready to guide us through the jungles to the border of the national park and back. Anxiety was the talk of the day since everybody was anxious to see the most dangerous and the least harmful animals in the jungles. As we started our movement in the jungle, all was set and everybody was ready with his camera ready to have the snapshots for their lineage. I was fitted on the right side of the school bus and all my eyes were set on the jungle.

We first visited the zoo where we saw few things and moved further into the park where we were told not to walk outside the bus since some animals were so dangerous that they would easily attack people at their sight. In a squint of a minute, our bus was stuck in the middle of some old elephants that were grazing around the bushes. The elephants started to walk towards the bus to see what was happening. everybody was tensed and I decided to use the small tricks I used to watch at the movies. The tour guide was overwhelmed by the weight of the animals. I lit some fire using the petrol I splashed from the bus’s inner engine terminals.

The elephants run away immediately. I was congratulated for the good work and my braveness.

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