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Meta Description:Basically, young autistic children find difficult to adapt to regular socialactivities like other normal children particularly at their school, where thereis an increased risk of being oppressed by other students. But there arecertain autistic children who have their own strategies to deal with theautistic spectrum and manage the situation better.  This makes it difficult for the teachers todifferentiate those children and also to find the anxiety levels in youngautistic children.    When these children try to appear normal, thatactivity requires a lot of energy and results in a sudden outburst of anger andrage.

This abnormal behavior affects both the family and social life of theautistic children.Studies has observed that the children with autism exhibithigh level of anxiety symptoms. As per the note from the Autistic Center ofExcellence and the lead author Professor Deb Keen, this symptom of anxietyusually occurs in the early stage of a child on the autism spectrum.

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The age ofthe autistic child will contribute to the factor of severity and the type of anxietythroughout their lifespan. Apart from that, few researches are done on anxiety and autismin children within the age of eight in order to get a clear view about the problem.The anxiety procedures are meant for older children and for non-autistic persons.According to the journal published recently on Autism, “Anxietyrelated Symptomatology in young children on autism spectrum” inspected the rangeand the frequency of anxiety symptoms in 95, 6-year -old children using an autismspecific measure of anxiety. This study made use of the data, which was gatheredby the Longitudinal Study of the autism spectrum. For this purpose, parents ofcertain autistic children were involved in this study during the year 2015.

After completely analyzing the gathered data, this studyobserved that about 54 % of the autistic children who participated in the studywith the age of 5 to 6 years exhibited high levels of anxiety. Children with bettercommunication skills showed more performance anxiety, on the other hand thechildren with less skills of socialization experienced higher levels of stimulationof anxious. Among those most dominant symptoms are associated with uncertainty.Additionally, the lead Professor of Autistic Center ofExcellence also said that it was vital to improve the knowledge and basicunderstanding of anxiety related symptomatology in the early stage of thechildren in order to assist in detecting the early intervention efforts, whichis focused at preventing the anxiety disorders in later stage of the children. The Bottom Line:Still, more researches are required to correctly recognizethe early intervention procedures and also to decide whether those interventionscan guard against the levels of anxiety disorder in the later stage of thechild’s development, and adulthood. On the whole, the preventing the symptomsand development of anxiety at the earlier stage is the better option to controlthe anxiety levels in the young autistic children.


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