Meta Poetry

Great jars laden with the raw green of pickles,Standing in a solemn row across the back of the porch, Exhaling the pungent dill; What does “laden” mean in this context?
filled with

Which statement best describes the effect of the free-verse form in “Poetry”?
It helps the reader experience the poet’s thought process.

In “Poetry,” which words indicate that the poet is frustrated by the general culture of poets and poetry?
dislike, derivative, and dragged

“Aeolian string” refers to a harp-like instrument that plays when it is placed in the wind. Based on this definition, which statement best describes the speaker’s view of the wind?
The wind is melodic.

What theme does this excerpt best express?
Poetry is interesting when it is authentic

Which is the best evidence from the poem that “beryl” means “green”?
like the evening seas

What is the meaning of the word “pageant” in this context?

Which statement best describes the speaker of the poem?
The speaker is the grass that is determined to grow over the earth.

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