Metaphysical, Donne, Jonson, and Carpe Diem Poetry

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Last updated: December 16, 2019
Extended comparisons that link objects or ideas not commonly associated.
Metaphysical Conceit

Images or descriptions that appear self-contradictory but reveal a deeper truth.

What are the three characteristics of Metaphysical Poetry?
Reference to science, paradox, and metaphysical conceit.

What are the two subjects in Donne’s “Song”?
Love and Death

What is present in the following quote, ” When thou sigh’st, thou shall sigh’st not wind?”

“Yesternight the sun went hence” is an example of what metaphysical poetry characteristic?
Reference to science

The “sun” in Donne’s and other Metaphysical Poet’s poetry is used as a reference to science by what?

In Donne’s “Song, what is the author’s purpose?
Time is passing, but love should last forever.

What is the speaker trying to convey to his love?
To assure his love that distance will make their love grow .

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