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Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York.The family moved around a lot, they moved to North Carolina, when Michael Jordan was a very young child.Michael is the fourth of five children.His father worked as a General Electric plant supervisor and always taught him to work hard and always be honest which influenced him to become the greatest person he could become.

His mother worked at a bank. She also taught him many stuff, like how to sew, clean and do laundry.Michael played many sports as a child as he was an incredible once in a lifetime athlete.

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He played everything but narrowed it down to mainly, basketball, baseball, and football.Even as a child, Michaels competitive nature always stood out.Michael Jordan went to the school of Emsley.A.Laney. As hard it is to believe, as a sophomore in high school Jordan was not accepted to his high school varsity team. He was considered to be too tiny to play.

Jordan did not give up, as a junior he was accepted to play varsity on the junior squad and was extremely successful in doing so which eventually landed him a scholarship at the University of North Carolina.As a senior, he finally made the senior varsity team and still did nicely averaging around 20 points per game.In fact, after a while playing on the varsity team, Michael made the all American high school basketball team as a senior.In Jordan’s first year of university, he won the NCAA championship making the game-winning shot and was named the ACC freshman of the year.Jordan had won many awards but after he won the Naismith college player of the year award in 1984.Jordan played amazing and college and was always being watched by scouts which allowed him the confidence to leave college early and enter the NBA draft.

Although he left early he returned 2 years later to get his degree in geography which gave him something to fall back on if NBA did not go so well which is respectable.In the draft, he was selected third overall by the Chicago Bulls.Right off the bat, Michael made a catastrophic impact on the league and the bulls. Before Michael, the bulls were a losing team but now with a great player on their roster, it allowed them to reach heights that were never thought to be reached.

He played so well in his rookie year that he was chosen to receive the rookie of the year award which motivated him to increase his work ethic and passion for basketball so that he could exceed even more expectations.In fact, Jordan was so skilled that he made the other players, on his team and opposing jealous of him. Jordan got lots of attention from the media and the fans, so much that the teams decided to start something called the “freeze out”. This means that the players on his team decided to not pass the ball to Jordan.Jordan was voted Rookie of the year.Jordan was continuing his second season as a star but unfortunately was cut short due to a terrible injury to the foot which left it broken for a while.However, Jordan was able to participate in the playoffs which he came back strong setting the record for most points in a playoff game with sixty-two.

Jordan had fully recovered for the 1967-87 season in which he joined NBA legend Wilt Chamberlain in players who have scored 3000 points in a season.On top of that, Jordan was the first player to have 200 steals and 100 blocked shots in a season.Despite his valuable efforts and skill, the best point guard of all time, Magic Johnson took the most valuable player award.Jordan won his first MVP and defensive player award the next year.Jordan had carried his team to the playoffs 3 years in a row but was defeated by the pistons all 3 years.Jordan won his second MVP in the 1990-91 season.In this season he advanced to the NBA finals winning it 4-1 and winning NBA finals MVP.Jordan dominated in the next season winning his 3rd MVP right after the previous year.

The same year, Jordan won his second Finals and was named Finals MVP Twice in a row.Unfortunately, in the next season, Jordan did not win the NBA MVP and lost to his close friend Charles Barkley who is also an NBA Legend.Coincidentally the next year Jordan played Barkley’s team and won his 3rd NBA Finals.

Became the first player of all time to win 3 NBA finals MVPs in a row.During 1993 playoffs, Jordan had gotten himself into serious gambling issues. The night before he had gone to the casino to gamble and even admitted himself that he had lost 57,000 in losses which became the “talk of the town.” During 1993, Jordan had announced his retirement as he lacked motivation and desire to continue playing the wonderful game of basketball. What really changed his mind was the death of his father who was shot.  When he was interviewed, he said that he was following the dream his father who had envisioned him to become a major league baseball player.

In 1995 he had returned to the NBA.He returned by putting up buckets over and over again.Unfortunately, Jordan had lost the playoffs of that season.The next season Jordan and the bulls came back dominating every team and that year Jordan won his 4th NBA finals and was named Finals MVP for the 4th time in his career.In the 1996-97 season Jordan despite having the flu won the game scoring 36 points in a final winning him his 5th finals and his 5th finals MVP AWARD.

In 1998 Jordan shot a game winner winning him his 6th NBA finals and his 6th NBA finals  MVP.Jordan announced his retirement in 1999 and returning to the NBA in 2000 as a part owner for the Washington Wizards.In 2001 Jordan announced that he will be coming back to play for the Washington wizards himself. He was only able to play 60 games because of torn cartilage in his right knee.

In his final NBA all-star game, he passed the legendary Kareem Abdul Jabbar in all-time lead scoring.Jordan played in the Olympics in 1992 and 1984 which won him a gold medal in both.Jordan’s final retirement was just like any retirement. However, Jordan did keep in shape by working out and playing in charity golf tournaments here and there.

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