Midterm B

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Last updated: May 2, 2019
In the Wizard of Oz, whom does the Scarecrow represent?

If one reads a letter from one’s girlfriend/boyfriend, which type of reading is normally used?
authorial intent

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This short common text was used as an example of the difference between the reader-response approach of a driver and the authorial intent approach of a police officer.
stop sign

True or False:The chapter defined the term “author” as referring only to God and not including the human writer.

The authorial intent model came under attack during which century?
second half of the 20th century

We do not ________ the meaning. Rather, we seek to _______ the meaning that has been placed there by the author.
create, discover

True or False:In biblical interpretation, the reader does not control the meaning; the author controls the meaning.

True or False:The term application refers to the response of the reader to the meaning of the text.


True or False: The authors of the textbook defined meaning as “that which the author wishes to convey with his signs”.

Do we discover or determine the meaning of a word used by a biblical writer?

True or False:You cannot do proper word studies without an intermediate knowledge of Greek and Hebrew

True or False: The same Greek word can be translated into English by a number of different English words.

True or False:The real meaning of a word is found in its original root.

To illustrate the time-frame fallacy, we use the example of…


True or False:A word will include all of its meanings every time it is used.

Name two (of four) guidelines mentioned in the book for choosing words to study.
repetition, raises a question

Name the two passages that we used to illustrate how to choose words for further study.

_____________28 & ____________12

Matthew, Romans

What determines meaning?

Literary ____________ refers to the different categories or types of literature found in the Bible.

Name one OT genre (type).

Name one NT genre (type).

What metaphor or analogy do linguists use to explain how these literary types carry their own rules for interpretation?

What do we call the fixed agreement between the author and the reader about how to communicate?
covenant of communication

What kind of context should be given the highest priority?

Name one of the two dangers associated with disregarding literary context
missing the real meaning

What is the missing step in the process of identifying literary context?1.

identify how the book is divided2. ?3. Explain how your particular passage relates to the surrounding sections

choose a section

What NT letter is used in the chapter as the example of how to identify literary context?

In the parable of the prodigal son, what cultural background information helps us to understand the significance of the father in the story running out of meet the son?
older men weren’t supposed to run because it was undignified

True or False:Amos was a fulltime prophet

True or False:When Jesus says that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, he is referring to the “camel gate” in Jerusalem which a camel could squeeze through only if its load was removed.


True or False: One danger mentioned in the chapter is the danger of overemphasizing the background study, focusing on it more than the meaning of the text itself.

Relatively new approach that provides important information about the historical-cultural circumstances of a text.
background commentary

These resources supply detailed background information on each book of the Bible as well as an overview of the book’s content. Usually they discuss authorship, date, recipients, situation, purpose, and more.
introductions & surveys

They contain detailed information about the historical-cultural context of the book and an explanation of the passage. Because they are always written from a particular point of view and since they differ in quality and scope, it is always a good idea to consult more than one.

Learn more about the people places, and events mentioned in your passage with colourful maps, pictures of important sites, helpful charts of political and religious leaders, discussions of the various periods of biblical history, and more.
Bible atlas

The place to go when you need information about a particular topic mentioned in your passage with resources covering a full range of biblical topics and arrange the topics alphabetically.
Bible dictionary & encyclopedias

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