MIS achieve goals. Proper planning, organizing and priorities

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MISSuman Vemuri550838Campbellsville University  AbstractManagement Information Systems isused to collect data and present in such a way which will be used for generation ofreports and data can be analyzed to take decisions.

MIS (Management InformationSystems deals not only with study of technology and the organizations but alsoincludes people. MIS Deals with how information can be used in the business ina way which can be used to improve the efficiency of the organization. usingcertain procedures and systems to collect information, which can be used tofollow better strategy for the organization.

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It covers a wide range fromcomputers to data and security and much more. The Three Different concepts, I gotto know from the articles I have researched on MIS are the three core elementsin MIS1.     Management2.     Information3.     SystemsWhich helped me in knowing the purpose of MISbetter.Management:   Management is the process where best methodsor action are taken, Best strategies are made to achieve goals. Properplanning, organizing and priorities are set, so that everything goes smoothlyand high efficiency is achieved.

The activities are similar to Managersfunctions and they help making managers activities in a better way.     Information: Information is used to improvethe efficiency of business and MIS makes it possible. Data is used for thepurpose of decision making and analysis but the information should be in ameaningful way to be used in business. Reports can be generated from theinformation.Information can be used to track thedevelopment and intimate about warnings andhelps in taking required steps.Systems: System is a combination of elementswhich work for achieving the desired result or objective by using the data obtained.System approach is used so thatdifferent sub-systems are integrated using the information to achieve bestresults and a system is designed which can be used for taking appropriate decision.In short MIS is useful for.

Decision makingAnalysis and managementTo use the information in proper wayto improve efficiency. Conclusion: MIS plays a veryimportant role in any organization, It checks the data collected is processed andinformation is send to systems for proper decision making and helps in managementrelated activities.  References: http://deepread.blogspot.com/2011/06/concept-role-and-importance-of-mis.html                   https://mis.eller.arizona.edu/what-is-mishttp://www.fao.org/docrep/w7506e/w7506e03.htm Best,Suman550838

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