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Mitchell CalhounDialectical Journal 1Chapter 1 Quote: Page 2 “he walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, way to bear drags his paws. His arms did not swing at his side, but hung loosely.”Analysis:Lennie is being compared to a large, violent animal sounds like a bear in which they are innocent unless provoked.

Quote: Page 6 “what you want of a dead mouse anyways?” “I could pet it with my thumb, while we walked along,” said Lennie Analysis: -this shows how Lennie doesn’t view death of things the same way normal people in society do by petting and walking around with a dead mouse in his pocket the mouse. This also shows  how Lennie acts more like an animal then a human.Quote: Page 8 “Lennie said gently “George I ain’t got mine. I must’ve lost it” “you never had none, you crazy bastard.

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I got them both here”Analysis-Shows how George looks out for Lennie. Lennie is better with George around. Why does george stay around? Relatives?-George is forcing Lennie to fall into society’s norms by making him get rid of the dead mouse. Untimently george is trying to force lennie to be normal in order to protect himself and othersTheme: friends are important and you need to help someone one in need Chapter 2Quote: Page 26 “cutlets like a lot of little guys he hates big guys he’s all a time with picking scraps with big guys.

Kinda like he’s mad at them because he ain’t big”Analysis-this shows how Curley dislikes Lennie it might be foreshadowing a future altercation between the two, curley is self conscious about his size uses his power to intimidate people  Quote: Page 29 ” well I think Curley married a tart” explains how cutlets wife might be unloyal foreshadowing a possible future affair that Curley might catch, might lead to fightQuote:Page 32″Hide in the brush by the river”Analysis: shows how Lennie is better off not saying or doing anything and he needs George’s help in his life. Might be a safe place for LennieQuote:Page 36 “Ain’t many guys travel around together” he mused,”I don’t know why”Analysis-points out George and lennie’s unusual relationship- making me question why George is helping Lennie out is it for good, self profit, a deal, etc…Theme: loyalty and self control is important to follow in your life

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