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Mary Clark November 10, 2011 Mitosis /Meiosis Mitosis occurs all the time in all body cells. This occurs to produce new cells and replace old and dead cells. We produce new blood cells, bone cells, skin cells..

. the list can go on and on. Mitosis in a nutshell is the process of splitting the nucleus and it occurs hand in hand with the rest of the cell cycle and cytokenesis. Meiosis, on the other hand, is a process of taking a diploid cell (a cell with the full number of chromosomes) and producing haploid gametes (cells with only half the number of chromosomes).

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Meiosis occurs to produce sperm and egg cells which then can combine to produce the diploid zygote. If meiosis did not occur organisms that reproduce sexually could not produce new offspring. Thus could not populate the world. Mitosis is the process of the chromosomes dividing to reproduce to produce more these is necessary steps of mitosis. Prophase- chromosomes coil up and become visible.

Metaphase- the chromosomes move toward the center. Anaphase- the chromatics is pulled apart.Telophase- a nuclear envelope forms around the chromosomes. It is very essential that cells go through mitosis, so that each new cell contains the same genetic information. Meiosis is a form of cell division that halves the number of chromosomes in the gametes meiosis is pretty much the same as mitosis it’s just that is goes through the process twice males end up with 4 sperm process spermatogenesis .

Females end up with 4 eggs but the other 3 die due to being too small and lacking cytoplasm – process cogenesis

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