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Last updated: December 12, 2019
Who is the composer of this piano music?

Who is the composer of this piano music?

Who is the composer of this art song called “The Erlking”

How did the french composer Hector Berlioz call the following theme in his “Symphonie Fantastique”?
Idee fixe

This theme is recurrent in Berlioz’ story in “Symphonie Fantasique”, what is the name of this movement?
A Ball

Who composed this theme which occurs in “Pictures at an Exhibition” in the movement called “The Great Gate of Kiev”?

Who is the composer of this theme that occurs in the “Symphony from the New World”?

Who is the composer of this aria?

To which period does this opera belong to?

This basso buffo voice depicts the role of which character from Don Giovanni’s opera?
Don Giovanni

This basso profondo voice depicts the role of which character from the Don Giovanni’s opera?
Commandant, the father of Donna Anna

Who is the composer of this aria?

What is the name of the opera that aria comes from?

What is the style of this symphony?
Classical Period

Who is the composer of this Requiem Mass?

The Dies iras text from this movement of the Requiem Mass describes:
Judgement Day

Which of the following best describes the mood of the Dies iras from Mozart’s
Fearful and then wondering

Who is the composer of this symphony?

Who is the composer of this piano sonata?

What is the name of this piano sonata?

In musical compositions, a theme is:
The musical idea that is used as a building block.

A composer can fragment a theme by dividing it into smaller units called:

The repetition of a motive at a higher or lower pitch level is called:
A sequence

The three main sections of sonata form are the exposition, the development, and the:

In sonata form, a modulatory section that leads from one theme to the next is called the:

In Sonata form, the section that features the most tension and drama through modulation and motivic interplay is the:

Mozart died while writing his:

A drama that is sung is called:
An opera

The vocal style in opera that imitates the natural inflections of speech is called:

A highly emotional song in an opera is called:
An aria

The orchestral introduction heard at the beginning of an opera is called:
An overture

The text of an opera is called
The libretto

Which of the following composers is regarded as the first master of opera?

In Monteverdi’s opera Orpheus and Eurydice who was poisoned by the serpent?

Dido sings her famous lament in Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas just prior to:
Killing herself

The tone of the Catalogue Aria from Mozart’s Don Giovanni is:

Which of the following descriptions characterizes the story of Don Giovanni?
It mixes elements of opera seri a and opera buffa.

The German term for the art song is:

Which of the following was NOT a typical theme in Romantic poetry?
The fleeting nature of human happiness

Which of the following is try of Schubert’s Elfking?
All of the above

Which musical devices does Schubert use to portray the child’s terror in Elfking?
High range and Dissonance

Which of the following instruments is capable elf playing both melody and harmony?

Which nineteenth-century composer’s entire output centers on the piano?

Instrumental music that is endowed with literary, philosophical, or pictorial association
Program Music

Which of the following inspired Berlioz’s Symphonie fantasique?
The actress Harriet Smithson

In Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique, what is the idee fixe?
The basic theme of the symphony, heard in every movement.

Nationalistic composers expressed their nationalism by:
Using songs and dances from their home countries in their works.

Which of the following is NOT a types of absolute music?
The piano trio

In the Romantic era, concerts had moved from:
The aristocratic palace to the public concert hall.

Verdi’s opera Nabucco was hugely popular in Italy because it:
Was interpreted as a symbol of Italian independence.

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