Mobile of Education, Sindh, Karachi, and Islamabad show

Mobile phone use is so widespread (it expected in 2013 to
2016 are about 4.01to 4.61 billion mobile phone users), public concerns that are
possible health effects areas because of mobile phones that take a lot of
coverage in the media. Because so many people use mobile phones for e.g. (medical
researchers are worried that any associated health risks), even small ones use
of a mobile phone could cause major public health problems. Mobile phones
communicate with their base station using (RF) which means radio frequency radiation.
If RF radiation is high enough, it means it has a thermal effect, which increases
body temperature. These are concerns that the low levels of RF radiation
emitted by mobile phones could cause health disease for e.g. (Heart disease and
kidney failure).

A study in Europe by European Union-Funded group named as
INTERPHONE shows us an increase in the risk of developing glioma (a malignant
brain cancer) in people who used a mobile phone for 50 minutes per a day over
12 years. The radiation of cell phone can also cause to penetrate our bodies
and can cause us cancer. The knowledge of cell phone radiation rising danger of
cancer was supported by two other studies. The studies complete the report of
the INTERPHONE. And showed that cell phone radiation enhanced the potential to
cause cancer effect of chemicals. This evidence indicates by the International
agency for research on cancer that mobile phone radiation might indeed be to the
formation of cancer or even produce malignant tumors in humans.

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A study in Department of Education, Sindh, Karachi, and
Islamabad show that mobile phones give off harmful radiation which effects to
human health because such type of radiation are available everyone and their
existence cannot be felt. This radiation also penetrates the body and they
affect the cell structure and the DNA.These different type of radiations are
being used for connecting mobile phone devices with each other and each type of
radiation having own frequency and wavelength, the frequency mostly ranges from 3 kHz to 300
GHz. There are a number of cases of mobile phone devices such as cell phones,
wireless router, tablet PC, cell telephone tower, wireless hand
free, Bluetooth device, audio player, laptop connected to the
wireless router (Wi-Fi). These devices give off dangerous radiations which can
contribute too many harmful diseases such as Brain Tumor, and Ear Hearing
problem effect on the foetus, and can also cause us mental flagging,
Parkinson’s disease, asthma, Heart trouble, insomnia, high blood pressure,
leukemia, birth defects, Immune system, and rheumatoid arthritis. Radiations
are also causes of some indications which are: a headache, sleep disruption,
tiredness, and so on DNA damage can also happen because the wireless radiation
which given off by the cell phone devices during the sending and receiving
process of the data which is broken down by this survey-based study. Questionnaire;
this examination contains some of the diseases which are induced by these
radiations like a brain tumor and the ear hearing impairment.



A study from Punjab health
department is that electrical and
magnetic fields (EMFs), including electromagnetic radioactivity, are all over
these days, and probabilities are it’s taking a major toll on your health. Digital
devices with your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and wearable tech like the
Apple Watch all produce a near-continuous source of unnoticed pollution that
can be stressful and poisonous to your cells. Invisible
areas of energy
often discussed as radiation that is associated with the use of electrical
power and several forms of natural and man-made

The solution
to this problem is that to Get a hands-free set and use it. Making calls via an earphone
and microphone will radically reduce the radiation you absorb while talking.
Talk on speakerphone. Lower your phone’s signal, the harder it has to work to join
to the nearest tower – so fewer bars on your phone means more radiation while
talking. Avoiding talks in lifts, basements, and tunnels will limit your exposure.
Talk less. If mobiles are unsafe, it won’t be from any one-off dose of
radiation but from the increasing effect of using it every day, year in, year
out. Using text, email or other messaging services instead of making that call
might be the simplest way of decreasing your exposure. Don’t sleep with your cell
phone inches away. The same general rules apply as for speakerphone calls:
putting your mobile even a small distance further away will have a large effect
on any radiation. It’s possible to mean highlighting that cancer risks from
phones are still unconfirmed.

personal reflection before this research was that mobile phone is a good
electronic device everyone had to use it but are this research mobile phone is
a bad thing we stop using it, it has

effects like (cancer, brain cancer, and heart disease).







Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation & Other On-the-Go Technology



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