Modern Poetry and Modern Drama Summary

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Last updated: December 14, 2019
Robert Frost
Poet laeureate of this century whose writings have pastoral, metaphysical and colloquial quality

“The Road Not Taken”
Poem by Robert Frost in which he teaches a spiritual lesson and uses common language to express some “truth” in poetry form

“Fire and Ice”
Poem by Robert Frost comparing fire and ice

“Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening”
Poem by Robert Frost in which there is a conflict:call of duty vs. call to relax

“Mending Wall”
Poem by Robert Frost that talks about fences and what they can do for people

“The Death of a Hired Man”
Poem of Robert Frost where the husband and wife are bickering about hiring a worker, but the worker is dead

“Nature’s First Green is Gold”
Poem by Robert Frost that gives the vivid details of nature

Carl Sandburg
Famous poet who wrote many poems, an anthology called “The American Song bag,” and American folk songs

Poem by Carl Sandburg talking about how Chicago is “the city of the big shoulders, ” where they are a laughing people who work

Poem by Carl Sandburg talking about nature

Wallace Stevens
Famous poet who wanted poetry to help people live their lives-to elevate their minds

“Anecdote of the Jar”
Poem by Wallace Stevens in which the jar is a symbol of human interference and tampering with nature

William Carlos Williams
Famous poet who stressed the local in his poetry-no reference to history,art, religion, foreign lang, etc.

“The Dance”
Poem by William Carlos Williams where he uses many literary devices-onomatopoeia, repeated words, dactyl rhythms

Poem by Williams where he uses organic rhythm and it is shaped to reflect the movement of thoughts, speech, or action in the poem

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