Modernism test

What are the elements of modernism?
breaking of narrative, breaking of form, indirect themes, ironic tone, allusions to everything

What were some identities that emerged from modernism?
Denizen of the Waste Land, Member of the Lost Generation, Triumphant Commoner, Poetic Maker, African American Artist

What is a Waste Land?
war-wearied landscape, spiritually exhausted, in search of new values

What is a dramatic monologue?
a poem or speech in which a character addresses a silent listener

a reference to something

repeating elements

Who developed Imagist poetry?
Ezra Pound

What is imagist poetry?
expresses the essence of an object, person, or incident without providing explanations

words and phrases that appeal to the senses

metrical feet, each consisting of unaccented syllable followed by an accented one

literary work mocking human vices or mistakes

What is the passive voice?
am moved/ was moved; means that the subject has something done to it

What are the rule breaking elements of Cumming’s style?
unusual syntax, broken grammar, lowercase/uppercase, punctuation, spaces, symbols

a comparison using like or as

a symbol for something else

What is a stream of consciousness?
saying what you think; unfiltered

Who used dramatic monologue, stream of consciousness, and allusions?
T.S. Eliot in Prufrock

What is Prufrock about?

What did Ezra Pound write?
A Few Don’ts

In “The Unknown Citizen,” what were are capitalized?
having to do with government/ authority

What did E.

E. Cummings write?

old age sticks, anyone lived in a pretty how town

Who does “anyone” represent in “old age sticks”

Who does “noone” represent in “old age sticks”

What did Wallace Stevens focus on?
stage and noise

What did MacLeish focus on?
silent and mute

What did Moore focus on?
real and genuine

a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction

the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named

the feeling or mode of a poem

The omitting of words (…)

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