Molly Moons Incredible Book of Hypnotism

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In the very beginning of the book Molly Moons Incredible Book of Hypnotism we are introduced to Molly Moon.

Molly Moon is an orphan who lives at the deteriorating old Hardwick House Orphanage in Briersville. Later on she leaves this sleepy town for New York. She and her best friend Rocky were both dropped off at the orphanage in there infant years and were raised by kind Mrs. Trinkelbury and the mean Miss Adderston who particularly dislikes Molly.

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Molly is a very plain girl with green eyes, blotchy skin and a large nose.However her life turns around after she wanders into the library depressed because of a fight she had just had with Rocky. As she is sitting by the Y and Z section she hears an angry professor, Dr.

Nockman, storm in screaming about a book he had bought from the library and was supposed to pick up, that began with H and was by a man named Logan. The unfortunate librarian had no idea where it was. When the man left and Molly was again in the quiet she begins looking at the books around her all of them about yaks, yachting and ypnotism.After realizing that there is no such thing as ypnotism, Molly pulled the book off the shelf and realizes that it was the lost book that had been misshelved because the first letter had been ripped of the title.

The real title was; “Hypnotism An Ancient Art Explained by Doctor H. Logan” Molly steals the book and this is the point where her life turns around. When Molly arrives back at the orphanage she goes into the laundry room and reads some of the book discovering that chapters 7 and 8 were both gone.

The next day she fakes sick and stays home from school.In these extra hours she hypnotizes Miss Adderston’s pug Petula, the cook Edna and eventually Miss Adderston herself. Molly then is greeted by bad news Rocky was adopted while she was faking sick and is somewhere in New York City. Determined to find her friend Molly enters the local talent show and hypnotizes the judges to make them let her win. After collecting the prize money of 3,000 pounds she heads to the airport and buys a ticket to New York leaving the orphanage far behind. However she has no idea that her secret was discovered by Mr. Nockman.When he discovered she was the winner of the talent show, had popped out of no where, and had been spotted at the old magic shop, his true colors of a crook come out and he follows her and Petula to New York.

When Molly arrives in New York she goes to an exspensive hotel and enjoys the luxuries of it until she realizes with a start that her money is almost gone and she needs to earn some money fast. She goes to a famous agency and hypnotizes the owner into putting her in a broad way musical called Stars On Mars stealing the part from another girl. She hypnotizes the audiences when performing to love the act.With the money issue gone she goes back to the important part, enjoying her life. Until the money hungry Mr Nockman steals Petula who by now has become her best and only friend. Molly franticly tries to find the old pug, putting out pleas to all of America begging them to return her dog. Then she received a mysterious phone call. Mr.

Nockman was hypnotism proof because of a voice scrambler and anti hypnotism glasses so Molly’s powers were useless as she was informed that her dog was being held ransom. Mr. Nockman wanted Molly to rob the most high security bank in America, Shorings.Molly returned to her room glumly but was cheered up when she found a message left for her by Rocky, saying that he was waiting for her in the lobby.

Molly hurried down and brought Rocky back to her room, after hurried hellos Molly spills her whole story out to Rocky. Then Rocky confessed that he also knew hypnotism and that he had stolen the H and chapters 7 and 8, once the confessions were done they started to form a plan. The next day Molly went to Shorings bank hypnotized everyone and stole all the jewels from it, following Nockman’s exact instructions.After bringing all the jewels to the warehouse and loading them into a stolen van, they collected Petula and waited while Nockman drove off. They were hoping for one thing that if a radio had a tape in it the tape would automatically play first.

Thankfully there prayer was answered and hour’s later Mr. Nockman drove up to the warehouse hypnotized. Molly and Rocky had recorded a short radio show the night before with there hypnotism on full blast and ordered Nockman to turn around and come back to where they were.After giving the police a hint to where the jewels were Molly, Rocky and Mr. Nockman returned to the orphanage to find it in shambles with all the children a mess and hungry. Molly learned that Miss Adderston and Edna had both left the children thinking they would be happier that way.

Molly quickly calls Miss Trinkelbury who had been fired and begs her to come back, she at once agrees. She then sets to cleaning the whole orphanage, feeding all the kids and finally restoring the orphanage to a place of happiness.

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