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At an estimated cost of ?202 million a twelvemonth the British monarchy is the most expensive in Europe and is more than double the cost of the Dutch monarchy. ?202. 4 million is tantamount to the cost of 9. 560 nurses. 8.

200 constabulary officers and more than the entire one-year Ministry of Defence disbursement on nutrient ( Royal Finances. 2012 ) . What we truly have to inquiry is. is it worth it? What do we. as British citizens. addition from paying for such an expensive monarchy when the money could be spent on nursing. policing or the Ministry of Defence? Many believe that the monarchy has run its class and is no longer good to our modern twenty-four hours society ; whilst others feel that the monarchy is a symbol of Britain and our loyal pride.

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Supporters of the monarchy would reason that the monarchy is one of Britain’s cardinal characteristics to its touristry industry. with about four million people sing the castles last twelvemonth. providing many citizens with impermanent seasonal occupations to run into their demands ( should Britain trash the monarchy. 2012 ) .However 2010 on-line statistics from Visit Britain reveal there are no monarchy related attractive forces in Britain’s top 10s tourist attractive forces ( top 10 English tourer attractive forces. 2010 ) .

This suggests that the British touristry industry could last without the monarchy and perchance even increase as tourers would be granted full entree to Buckingham castle. Currently Buckingham castle is non unfastened to tourers all twelvemonth unit of ammunition. and when it is the populace are merely allowed to see a few of the suites. Therefore if the castle was unfastened all twelvemonth unit of ammunition.

tourer visits could potentially increase. This could bring forth more gross and potentially make occupations which may assist our state out of the recession ( Tourism. 2010 ) . To farther back up the instance that touristry may non be affected. we merely have to look at other states throughout the universe.From the 2011 informations found by the United Nations World Tourism Organization. we can see that out of the five most visited states in the universe – which are France. USA.

China. Spain and Italy – merely Spain has a monarchy ( Rosenberg. 2011 ) .

For that ground entirely we could reason that holding no monarchy might non impact our touristry gross in a negative mode at all. it merely further high spots the unneeded cost of keeping British monarchy. Without the monarchy in topographic point we would go a republican state with a president in power. Statisticss have revealed that the British monarchy is about 112 times more expensive to run than the Irish presidential system and more than twice every bit expensive as the Gallic semi-presidential system ( Royal fundss. 2012 ) .This is possibly farther grounds to exemplify that the monarchy is an unneeded disbursal. and we should perchance head towards going a republican state with a president who has earned the right to be at that place ; and non merely had the power handed to them through familial links.

Graham Smith ( 2010 ) . the main executive of “Republic” . which campaigns for a democratic option to the monarchy believes that the monarchy should be abolished. as familial links to the throne are non justifiable. He said in an article online at CNN.

“We’re supposed to be a democratic society. in a democratic society there is no room for a caput of province who is put there for life and by birth. A familial sovereign has no topographic point in a society that believes “we the people” should be in charge. ” Power is something that should be earned and whoever is in charge should hold the right certificates to exert power.If power is merely handed down to somebody how do we know they are capable of the undertaking in manus? Our current system with a monarchy in topographic point is really out-dated and many other commonwealth states. for illustration Australia.

are now looking at get rid ofing the monarchy and going a republican state. The statement here is possibly it is clip for us to look at making the same and manus over the power to an person who has earned the right to be at that place. Many people are strongly of the belief that the monarchy should be abolished and Graham Smith ( 2010 ) of the ‘Republic’ asks a really good inquiry “After 60 old ages who can cite a celebrated address or point to a minute of crisis or jubilation when the queen offered leading and inspiration? ” This is the inquiry many people may be inquiring. and utilizing to oppugn why the monarchy should non be abolished.Although republicans will indicate towards this to endorse the abolition of the monarchy there are many grounds to back up the monarchy and non get rid of it. The monarchy is a symbol of Britain and with this comes a feeling of great pride and history. In a BBC canvass in 2007 80 % of people said they wanted to retain the monarchy.

This shows how much the monarchy truly means to Britain as a state and symbolises the pride the state feels towards the monarchy ( Should Britain trash the monarchy. 2012 ) . The monarchy is non merely symbolised across Britain.

the British monarchy has a global well-thought-of position of authorization and symbolises nationhood and stableness. Without the monarchy in topographic point many royalists would reason that the state would lose some of its pride and regard throughout the universe ; they question whether a president would truly command the same regard as the royal household? The regard the monarchy has throughout the universe creates good dealingss with other states through province visits.This is critical in many of our country’s concern trades and likely would non be possible with a president in topographic point ( Should Britain trash the monarchy. 2012 ) . The British populace have a low perceptual experience of and a general disliking for politicians and this would be a disadvantage of a presidential system.

The general position of royalists on politicians is that they have one way heads. their manner is ever right and they are merely interested in their ain personal additions ( Heffer. 2011 ) . However. the queen is viewed as a impersonal front man and brings a degree of balance and equality into society where the democratic facets appear corrupt and full of dirt.

We merely have to look at the recent disbursal dirts that tarnished the authorities to see this. From this we can oppugn: is this truly how we want our state run? I imagine the bulk of people would reply this with a “no” .Although there are many good points from touristry statistics that back the abolishment. there are besides statistics that are in favor of the monarchy. in relation to touristry. Possibly the state would increase its gross from tourist attractive forces entirely without a monarchy. However. those statistics do non take into history the royal events that bring 1000000s of lbs into the British economic system.

The royal nuptials in 2011 generated an approximative gross of ?1-2 billion. and with over two billion estimated telecasting viewing audiences worldwide it shows the popularity of our monarchy throughout the universe ( Impact on British economic system. 2011 ) . With a president in topographic point it is improbable that you would accomplish figures like this for a “president’s wedding” .

it doesn’t have the same entreaty.The queen’s diamond jubilee besides had a monolithic encouragement on the UK economic system with a encouragement of ?409 million. Monarchists would reason that these figures entirely are adequate to maintain the monarchy in topographic point as it out-weighs the counter statement provided by Republicans. Overall. after sing statements for and against the abolition of the monarchy. I believe the monarchy should non be abolished. I believe this because without it the state would lose a batch of its worldwide regard.

The queen is a symbol of our authorization throughout history and bids respect which I feel could non be achieved with a president in topographic point. Whilst everything in society appears corrupt why should we swear a democratic system that would hold a president with his ain involvements at bosom?Throughout all of the government’s recent dirts the monarchy has remained a figure of regard and portrays this image across the universe. I do hold with some of the statements to get rid of the monarchy. for illustration power should be earned non passed down through familial links.

However even though the throne is handed down to them. royalty spend all their lives fixing for the undertakings they are required to make. With the heritage of the throne they besides inherit the worldwide regard and I believe that could non be earned by a president.

Taking these positions into consideration I believe the monarchy should stay integral. and should make for a long clip to come.

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