Money is the root of all evil

Money is the root of all evil BY ‘At-IASO Money is the root of all evil Money can’t buy happiness, this is an ancient quote, a quote we all have heard. Do you believe it? Do you actually think that happiness and money are unrelated things?! And I don’t say that they are, but have you looked at a poor man or a sick man and saw nothing, I mean nothing but happiness, pure happiness!! Well, I haven’t. There are a lot of good things we can do with money,

Do you think that science will move forward without money?! There are tons of things we dont have any information about and the only way to know it is money. Researches need money, equipment need money, even sciences need money. Maybe the money is not always the right answer, but it’s a good answer. An answer that provides food and Shelter, medicine and hospitals, books and schools, to the people who need them. Even families need money.

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To start a family you must ave money, to buy food and gifts you must have money, to make a happy family you must have money and lots of money. Money is not evil, but it could be if the person who has it is. Is schools evil? Is health evil?! Is food evil?! Is the roof above us evil?! Is money evil?! You know and I know that there is no education, no family, no happiness, and no goals without money. So in other way, money means happy life, a healthy life. A life that you will want to live.


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