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Moon over Manifest is a great novel, its mainly about a twelve year old girl named Abilene. Now I say mainly because Moon over Manifest, is told in not one, not two, not three, but four different layers. You would think that this would make the book very purplex because it would be hard to understand what happened to who, who said what and the list goes on.

However Moon over Manifest was a delight to read because of all of its layers, in fact the more layers it had the easier it was to read. The reason I say that is because it is a mystery book, with many different perspectives of the story. Each perspective helps us uncover more mysteries.

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Moon over Manifest is written in the perspectives of  Miss Sadie’s stories, Neds letters to Jinx, Hattie mae’s articles and of course Abilene. First, is Miss Sadie. Ever since we meet Miss Sadie we see she had a tough life. However undoubtedly we also see that she has the most creepiest stories to tell in the book.  These stories from Miss Sadie are really important, because they tie all the mysteries in the book together. Her stories are mainly about the past, which tie Neds letters together.

Miss Sadie is also a Fortune Teller, Meaning she can tell the future. Abilene would always ask Miss Sadie about Neds letters. However Miss Sadie was always a bit mean about Abilene, because Ned was her son, and he died at war years ago. Any time Abilene would bring a letter to her, she would always connect that letter to the past. Each of Miss Sadie’s stories were hints to uncovering the ultimate mystery.

The more information Abilene got, the more eager she was to finding out why Gideon sent her to Manifest. Miss Sadie is a very important part of this book, in fact I would she she is just as important as Abilene. The reason I say that is because without Miss Sadie and her creepy stories, Abilene might have not uncovered the mystery.Second is Hattie Mae’s articles, Hattie Mae’s articles is the one layer of the story that is useless.

Her articles occasionally give information to what’s going on, but about eighty percent of the time its just advertisements. The reason why there are so many advertisements in her articles, is because this story took place in the times of the Great Depression.  Another example from the book is. At the end of each of Hattie Mae’s articles she writes ” so for those whose whats whys wheres.

“This proves to the readers that the readers where always speculating about something, because it was a tough time during the Great Depression.Meaning the people at that time where desperate to make money. The people who invent the products are called “Snake Oil Salesman.” You might ask why is it called “Snake Oil Salesmen,” because back in the day Snake Oil, was told to be a cure for anything. So Salesmen would make so product that looked like Snake Oil and sell it for a good profit.

However the Snake Oil the customers bought really did nothing. In fact it did more harm than good by taking peoples money away. Here’s an example of a “Snake Oil” type of product from the book.

“BURT’S BOTTOMS UP: Got bumps in your bottom? Those itch sore hemorrhoids that make sitting uncomfortable? Well Burt’s Bottoms Up is the elixir for you. Just drink at vital of Burt’s Bottoms Up and you’ll be sitting in no time…..”. So, the point here is that the end of Hattie Mae’s articles were the only part in the articles that were somewhat important.Third is Ned’s letters, Ned’s letters were written much before Abiline’s time. These letters were written to Abilines father Jinx,  Ned and Jinx were really close friends.

They did a tremendous amount together, they even did stuff to the Ku Klux Klan (aka KKK) Abilene thinks Gideon (aka Jinx) sent her to Manifest because Gideon was afraid he got her sick, because of the cut on her knee that gave her an infection. One of the things Ned wrote to Gideon in his letters was, “with war going on you can’t be too careful about spies.” (10,88) In other words Ned is saying he wasn’t really being careful and watching out for spies, so that might have been one of the possibilities to why he died. Gideon might have felt guilty over the death of Ned, because he thinks he could have prevented him from going to the army, which would prevent him from dying in a war. One of the key points in this letter, is that Ned is telling Gideon to watch out.

Last but certainly not least Abilene Tucker, Abilene is the main character in the story, because the reader sees everything through what’s happening to her. She’s a young twelve year old girl that just moved to Manifest for the summer. “Well, I’m Abilene. I’m twelve years old and a hard worker.” (3.14) Abilene was sent to Manifest for the summer, she lives with Shady Gideon friend throughout the story Abilene is trying to figure out why she was sent here. Throughout the book she finds different clues to understand more about her father Gideon, and why he had sent her here for the summer. But she’s not only trying to figure out why her dad had sent her away for the summer.

She’s also trying to figure out why did her dad of all places to send her pick Manifest. A little bit later in the book and Abilene had made another discovery, she had found Ned’s letters. Ned’s letter talks about war and the Germans, at the end of the letter Abilene reads “so remember, be on the alert keep your eyes and ears open the rattler is watching.” This got Abilene thinking who is The Rattler.

?  Abilene tells her friends about this, and they go on an adventure to find The Rattler. Each mystery solved is another mystery opened thats what makes Abilene layer so special. Without her perspective we would never read about this adventure, that she had all we would have is a bunch of clues. Each and every perspective in this story is important, (yes even in someway Hattie Mae’s articles are important.) Without Ned’s letters, we might have never found that Jinx is Abilines father. Without Miss Sadie and all her clues and creepy stories, that take us back to the past we would have never found about the answer to Abilines questions.

Without Hattie Mae’s articles, we wouldn’t be able to have a fun break from all the mystery going on and wouldn’t have a news update on what’s going on. Lastly without Abilene, we would never have this fun adventure to begin with, it all started with abilines question and ended in a fun adventure.All of these perspectives tie in with each other, some way or another and that’s what makes this book so great.

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