Moreover, new multi-purpose buildings. Micro-finance program have also

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Moreover, thedistinguishing feature of the Beijing Platform as compared to earlier programswas its emphasis on the multi-dimensional nature of women’s subordination andthe need to attack it in all spheres by mainstreaming and empowerment of womenwhich help to improve the social mobility of women.1.2   Emergence of Micro-finance Women andDevelopment Many remote and ruralareas lack basic infrastructure, including buildings for schools, libraries,running water, drainage and electricity. Natural disasters have destroyedsignificant infrastructure in rural communities which have never been repairedor replaced due to lack of resources and little government support. Throughthis Program, collaborate with rural communities, NGOs and government agenciesto optimize educational facilities and local infrastructure. The programdesign, build, develop and repair classrooms, schools, hospitals and othercommunal areas.

 Safe and secure learning environments are critical to astudent’s successful education, which is why we provide ongoing support forschool infrastructure development in the communities. The program to providefacilities which can be utilized by the local community for services includingeducation, elderly care and community gardening. We have implementedsustainable building practices and energy efficient designs in our existingfacilities and in the construction of our new multi-purpose buildings. Micro-financeprogram have also successfully introduced basic utilities into ruralcommunities by providing advice and support to community groups who areunfamiliar with the requirements involved in the process of obtaining planningpermission and support from the government. In 1869 ” TheNational Women Suffrage Association” was formed in the USA with the advent of1890 both, those women’s rights organization united into the ” TheNational  American Women SuffrageAssociation” for spreading up the voice, the first women’s suffrage committeewas formed in Britain in 1865. Women’s suffrage committee has achieved goal in1918.

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