Most Christians believe that, in all questions abortion is wrong

Most Christians believe that abortion is wrong. This is because life is a gift, which God gives for a reason. Abortion is refusing to accept that gift, and impeding God’s purpose for the unborn child. It is written in the Commandments “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” Since Catholics see abortion as killing, an abortion amounts to a violation of that commandment. In a marriage ceremony, couples must declare their willingness to lovingly accept children from God. This is another reason why they believe abortion to be wrong.

Some Christians might take a different view. In certain branches of the Christian faith, the underlying message is that the life of the mother is more important than the life of the child. When the mother’s life is in danger, these Christians would see nothing wrong with “terminating” the pregnancy.

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Another view, which is viewed by most Christians as totally misguided, is that the foetus is not alive. According to this argument, the foetus is not a human life until a certain point in the pregnancy. This theory is easily disproved by the following things. First the time when a foetus becomes “human” seems to be different in all the statements that support this theory. And second, the foetus can be observed from a very early stage doing things such as sucking its thumb, and yawning. These actions are unmistakably human.

My own view on the subject is that abortion is wrong. If the life of the mother were in danger, or the baby would be born severely handicapped, then abortion could be a necessary evil. As for the issue of rape, I think that being male, I do not have a right to condemn those women who feel that after a rape, they could not bear to carry the rapist’s child. However, I would like to state that it is not the child’s fault, and so I do not believe that it deserves to die for it’s father’s crime.

Girls or women who get themselves pregnant, through carelessness, and then wish to have an abortion, because pregnancy would have an adverse affect on their lives make me sick.

I have recently became an uncle, and since starting this coursework, I have, on many occasions, looked down at my nephew’s smiling face and been sickened by how many babies just like him have never even been given a chance, because their mothers have decided that their freedom is more important than the right their child has to life.


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