Mother to Son

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Last updated: December 11, 2019
If you have to create a sketch of the stairway describe by the speaker in “Mother to Son”, how could it be?
It should have tacks, torn up boards, rough edges.
What metaphor is used throughout “Mother to Son”?
The mother’s life is compare to climbing an uncomfortable and dangerous stairway. the metaphor suggets that her life has been hard but she has kept going.

According to the poem, What is the mother worried her son may do?
She is worried her son will sit up, give up or fall because he finds life hard.

What vowel sound is repeated in the phrase:”So boy, don’t you turn back?
The vowel sound repeated is a long o sound I SO and DON”T.

How does the first line of “Mother to Son” alert that you are reading a lyric poem?
Line 1 says, “Well son, I’ll tell you”.

The words son and you indicate that the speaker is expressing a personal thought and feelings, a defining feature of lyric poetry.

What do you think the speaker in “Mother to Son” means when she says that her life was not been a “crystal Stair”?
A crystal stair represents an easy and pleasant journey through life, she is telling her son that her life had not been that easy and pleasant.

List some images that the word crystal brings to your mind.
The word crystal brings:Visual images:transparentTactile images: smooth images: luxury, beauty and clarity

What does the speaker’s statement imply about the life she has lived?
That her life in contrast a crystal stair had been rough, uncomfortable and confusing.

What strong idea is the focus of the poem?
One must be determined to overcome life’s obstacles.

The usage of words such as: ain’t and kinder
Are examples of the particular way language is used in a certain place or by a certain group of people, in this case African-American.

Who is the speaker in the poem?
The speaker of the poem is the mother.

Example of alliteration in the poem.
“Tell”, “, “tacks”, ” “torn”, “time”,”places”, “peace”, “climb”, “corners”, “carpet”,

Example of repetition in the poem.
“Tell”, “ain’t”, “crystal stair”, “tacks”, “splinters”, “torn”, “places”, “carpet”, “time”, “peace”, “climb”, “corners”, “steps”: the constant repetition of p’s, t’s,and s’

stanzas and lines
2 stanzas and 8 lines

Type of poem
Lyric poem

usage of commas

usage of end marks
Yes, end point

usage of rhymes
the poem lacks rhyme

Usage of language
Informal language is used.

What you can infer from the speaker in the poem?
That had live a very stressful life.

Langston Hughes

Poem’s theme
The theme that this poet conveyed in the poem is determination to live without ever thinking giving up although the obstacles are harsh

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