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Last updated: September 10, 2019

MScFinance from Bocconi University is the perfect place to realize my aspirationsbecause of the overall academic excellence, international exposure and emphasison balanced approach towards academic and industry-oriented environment.

Exposure to the finance industry in the EU will provide me a great opportunityto apply my acumen developed while studying here. I plan to capitalize on thesestrengths as they relate to my interests.My passion for computers and mathematics ripened during grade school led me tochoose Computer Science Engineering as my undergraduate major. Throughout undergraduation, I have remained in the top 10% students. But, expanding my horizon, I participatedand won multiple competitions, ranging from coding competitions to paperpresentation competitions and undertook multiple trainings and workshopselucidating various aspects of my field.

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I have always enjoyed and been strongin areas that require problem solving, analytical and mathematical skills. I amanxious to combine the knowledge of, and aptitude for, these skills with myinterest in finance.  Growingup in an environment where family members are commended personnel in thefinancial sector, where dinner table conversations are circled around equitiesand economic reforms, where arguments occur over investments and moneymanagement, I intrigued by finance at a very young age. But, my motivation forseeking a career in financial services stems from the passion unearthed when Iassisted my Chartered Accountant mother in a case during sophomore year. Thein-depth study during the case aroused in me a keen appreciation of the financefield.  Motivated to learn more, I wentthrough multiple research papers and attended short courses in accounts andfinance. I realized how close-knit finance and technology are and wasenthralled to see the extensive use of languages like python for financialmodeling and back-testing trades and technologies like machine learning fordivision of block trades, which displayed how my current knowledge can be anasset in this field.

From then on, I have been venturing into finance time and again. I came to bethe finance manager of The Green Army society of my college and managed budgetsof four events of the college’s annual fest. I created projects like STOCKKBOT- a chatbot related to equity trading, and MINI BLOCKCHAIN – an implementationof blockchain technology.

I undertook an internship in Clix Capitals (formerlyGE Money, India) where I gathered insights of a finance company whilebolstering my technical skills. I further interned at Madhya Pradesh FinanceCorporation and successfully introduced digitalization in their system. Apartfrom this, with my father’s aid, I actively trade in stock market, with sharesnow valuing around 160% over a span of 18 months. I am a regular reader of theFinancial Times and Times of India, and I actively participate in recreationalactivities including dancing and puzzle solving as well.To realize my career goals, I need to get acquainted with recent developmentsand practices in finance and its applications.

An MSc degree with major inQuantitative Finance and Asset Management from Bocconi University would beinvaluable at this point of time as it would empower me to take big steps in mycareer by instilling in me the core financial knowledge and hands-onexperiences to help me reach my short-term goal of bagging rigorous anddemanding role of a financial analyst and further as a Portfolio Manager infirms like J P Morgan and UBS. My interests, some but not all, are AppliedNumerical Finance, Portfolio Management, Private Equity and Venture Capital. I acknowledge the vigorous exigencies of this masters program, but I believe mydeep-rooted passion and my perspicacity will enable me to couple together mytechnical and financial acumen, hence proving me to be a valuable addition tothe class of 2018.

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