MSM7031 cultural values in China and Malaysia have


and Culture in a Global Context

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Patch 3


Human Resources Management Report


number: 20116194

name: Ashraf Bazina




















“Your style”
is a global multinational company for retail clothes, the company is operating
in 62 countries mainly North America and Europe, the characteristic is tightly controlled, centralized and standardized.
The company has been planning to buy an existing German company furthermore to
expand in Asia (Shanghai & Malaysia).



Because of
the organizational culture and structure,
the company faced some problems such as dissatisfaction with promotions and
reward process, employees turn over has been increased, in addition to employees, individual objectives are not
inconsistent with the organization’s


and selection

For the new
subsidiaries in Asia (Shanghai & Malaysia),
it is suggested to follow a flexible Human Resources Management recruitment
system based on Polycentric approach.

Recruitment and
selection which means that the nationals of the host country are recruited for
the managerial and operations of the subsidiary company, the reason is that the
local of the host country know their culture better and can run the business
efficiently and effectively. (Scullion and Collings, 2006, Business Jargons,


and selection in Asia as an emerging market should be a focus on culture values consisting of power distance, uncertainty
avoidance or masculinity. Despite that,
the cultural values in China and Malaysia have been improving, but the
multinational organization should be a focus on the values of a collectivist culture (Cooke, 2004).

and selection should be hiring people who
their individual objectives consistent with that of the organization, as well as focus on developing strategies based on an
evolving Human Resources Management strategic changes (Bond et al., 1987).



·      Resentments and
complaining such must be reduced, everyone should enjoy and feel the fairness.

·      Salaries and
reward must be ensured.

·      A senior of
executives with international experience and relationship across borders can be hired to support and enhance the
new subsidiaries.

·      Compensation packages should be designed to confirm the cultural differences and emphasis the
employee satisfaction.

·      Cross culture
training programme for international managers to gain a new knowledge and

·      Communications
and relationship can be improved by moving the staffs between the subsidiaries.

·      Create a
creative, flexible and intelligent recruitment model with clear role

·      Attract talented
employees should be retained by creating a fair pay structure.

·      Despite the fact
that the company can hire global integration toward performance management, but
local laws and regulations play a crucial role.



It is
believed that the best approach to follow in the emerging markets is the
polycentric approach because of its characters, to deal with culture and
language. Employment and selection have
to focus on fairness and employees satisfaction to avoid any kind of
resentments or complaining. In addition to training programme must be
considered and taken into account to
improve the employees’ skills.




















Bond, M.H., Akhtar, H., Ball, P., Bhanthumnavin, D.Boski, P. (1987) ‘Chinese
Values and the Search for Culture’, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology,
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‘Foreign Firms in China, Modelling HRM Is a Toy Manufacturing Corporation’, Human
Resource Management Journal, 14(3), pp. 31–46

Scullion, H. and Collings, D. (2006). Global Staffing. New York: Routledge.














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