MUS170 Wk 4

The glissando, a technique widely used in the twentieth century, is
a rapid slide up or down a scale

The absence of key or tonality in a musical composition is known as

Expressionist composers
avoided tonality and traditional chord progressions.

Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring) is an example of

Impressionism in music is characterized by
a stress on tone color, atmosphere, and fluidity.

Neoclassical compositions are characterized by
forms and stylistic features of earlier periods.

Impressionist painting and symbolist poetry as artistic movements originated in

The term impressionist derived from a critic’s derogatory reaction to Impression: Sunrise, a painting by
Claude Monet

The technique of using two or more tonal centers at the same time is called

The expressionists rejected
conventional prettiness

Debussy’s music tends to
sound free and almost improvisational

The deliberate evocation of primitive power through insistent rhythms and percussive sounds is known as

The use of two or more contrasting and independent rhythms at the same time is known as

The painter who designed the sets for Stravinsky’s Pulcinella, and who went through a phase that showed the influence of ancient Greek art, was
Pablo Picasso.

Expressionist painters, writers, and composers used ______________ to assault and shock their audience.
deliberate distortions

The faun evoked in Debussy’s famous composition is a
creature who is half man, half goat

A scale made up of six different notes each a whole step away from the next is called a ________ scale.

A chord made of tones only a half step or a whole step apart is known as
a tone cluster

The first opera created for television was Gian-Carlo Menotti’s
Amahl and the Night Visitors

Twentieth-century composers incorporated elements of folk and popular music within their personal styles because
it made their music more commercially viable.they were attracted to the unconventional rhythms, sounds, and melodic simplified technical problems of musical composition.**All answers are correct.**

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