Music Appreciation Section 3: The Baroque Era

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T/FTwo significant historical events that occurred during the classical era for the French and American Revolutions.

T/FThe classical era has been called The Age of Reason.

Which period of a European art and literature most captivated eighteenth-century thinkers?
The Greek and Roman periods

Classical Harmony is best described as:

Which venues were available for composers of the classical era?
-The court-The public concert hall

The composers of the Viennese School are:
Hadyn, Mozart, and Beethoven

Classical texture is largely described as:

what occupation was an eighteenth-century woman least likely to do?
orchestral conductor

An 18th Century composer was most likely to find a patron in the:

Classical Melody is best described as:
elegant and singable

Classical meter is best described as:
regular and strong

T/FThe major/minor tonal system was the basis for Harmony in The Classical period.


The first movement of the string quartet is typically set in:
sonata-allegro form

T/FChamber music implies a large Ensemble with more than one player on each part.

T/FThe ______ movement of a string quartet is often a Minuet and Trio.
3rd movement

T/FThe favored chamber Ensemble of the classical era was the string quartet.

T/FThe divertimento and serenade were both classical forms of entertainment during the classical era.

T/FMozart’s life was considerably more stable than Hayden’s.

Which instrument did Mozart promote through his compositions?

Classical phrase structure is best described as:
Regular and symmetrical with clear cadences

Which of these statements is accurate?a) Mozart was a child prodigy who was a composer by age five.b) Mozart worked successfully under the patronage system for his entire life.

A- he was a child prodigy

At the time of Mozart’s death, he was:
he was obsessed with his Requiem Mass.

Mozart was a talented performer who performed his own pieces for:

T/FThe 4th movement of a symphony written in the classical era was often slow and brooding like the 2nd movement.

T/FThe typical Symphony on the classical era featuring some Woodwinds and Brass along with the strings.

T/FThe heart of classical Orchestra was the bras assisted by the strings and woodwinds.

From which earlier genre did the symphony developed?
The Italian opera overture

T/FThe first movement of a classical Symphony was often written in Sonata-Allegro form and might include a slow introduction.


The second movement of a classical symphony is typically written in:a) theme and variationb) call and responsec) minuet and trio
none of these

Which of these effects came from the Mannheim School?
Rocket theme

The last section of a Sonata Allegro form that restates the themes is the:

T/FThe purpose of the development section of a Sonata-Allegro form is to builds a sense of drama.

Which malady afflicted Beethoven and profoundly affected his work?

How many symphonies did Beethoven write?

What makes opening theme of the Fifth Symphony so memorable?
an insistent four-note motive

Which of Beethoven’s Symphonies set the “old to Joy” poem by Schiller to music?
No. 9

T/FA scherzo is a quick-paced dance in triple meter.

T/FComposers of the classical era often perform the works of Baroque composers.

The portion of a concerto in which The soloist displays their virtuosity is called:
A cadenza

Elements in Beethoven’s music that foreshadow music of the Romantic Era include:
both:-dramatic dynamic contrasts and striking accents-expansion of typical classical forms

T/Fa minuet is usually do for meter.

who wrote operas that poked fun at the aristocracy?

which vocal genre did Haydn not make a significant contribution to?

T/FHaydn was not successful and working in the patronage system.

how many string quartets did Haydn write?a) 40b) 68c) 104
b) 68

the composer of the “London” Symphonies was:

T/FBeethoven’s Fifth Symphony generally follows the outline of the standard multi-movement cycle (the number of movements and related tempi).

T/FBeethoven is credited with changing the minuet movement to a scherzo and his symphonies.

which genre would not normally be in a multi-movement cycle?a) symphonyb) sonatac) Gregorian chant
c) Gregorian chant

the first section of a Sonata-Allegro form that states the themes and establishes the home key center is:

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