Music ch. 19

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In the 1850s, European literature and art began to turn toward

Which composer popularized the symphonic poem and inspired other composers to use this new genre?
Franz Liszt

Which term refers to an orchestral composition in one movement that has a program and a free musical form?
symphonic poem

Although Tchaikovsky called his Romeo and Juliet and “overture-fantasy,” it is an example of a
symphonic poem

Tchaikovsky’s way of musically following the Shakespearean play “Romeo and Juliet” was to
have the interaction and transformation of the themes in the piece “tell” the story

During his career as a composer, Tchaikovsky
achieved international fame and even toured the United States as a conductor

What is nationalism in music?
composers’ use of their own nation’s folk music in concert pieces, songs, or operas

What is exoticism in music?
Composers’ use of other nations’ folk music styles- for example, a Russian composer using Italian music

Modest Musorgsky and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov were both part of the “kuchka”, which was
the nickname of a close group of Russian nationalist composers.

What is depicted in the first number, “Promenade,” from Musogsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition?
the composer strolling around a picture gallery

The major works of Johannes Brahms tend toward
Classical genres and forms

The third movement of Brahms’s Violin Concerto in D is written in
Rondo form

As a young man, Brahms became a close friend and protégé of
Robert and Clara Schumann

Mahler’s ambivalence toward the Romantic tradition is often expressed in his music through
exaggeration and distortion

The third movement of Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 is
a parody of a funeral march

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