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Music is the language that can be understood by everyone. The reason everyone is able to relate to music and enjoy it is because there are so many kinds of sounds. It is nearly impossible to not favor music because there are a surplus of genres that have been discovered. Starting from as early as the 1940’s, music has become apparent in everyone’s everyday life. Elvis Presley can be seen as a huge icon representing the beginning of Rock N’ Roll.  Presley had a humongous influence on the music industry, as he was able to create a new era of music the people loved. With starting this unique, never heard before kind of music, he was officially labeled the King of Rock N’ Roll.

Elvis had a personality and talent that allowed him to rise in the music world with his top hits “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and “Jailhouse Rock”. His unique melodies produced often using the guitar, drums and vocals created a recipe for success in the music industry. As if his tunes weren’t enough to make him stand out, his performance was also a very notable act.

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The way he swung his hips and danced on the stage gave him a rebellious image, something the youth respected and desired to follow. With so many individuals in favor of this new genre of music, early Rock n’ Roll allowed other artists to become courageous and inspired to expand the norms of music. The next genre of music, arising in the mid 1960’s was labeled Folk music. Joan Baez, a well known folk artist, made an impactful change in the music world. Using inspiration from rock music, she as well as many other folk artists, combined the sounds of the guitar, piano, harmonica and often the violin to create a masterpiece of sounds. Baez gained many followers through not only her beauty and talent but by what she sang about specifically. With being a minority women in a predominantly male industry, she promoted social equality and women empowerment.

This really inspired the public to keep listening to the type of music she created. With so many folk artists at the top of the charts by the end of the 1960’s, it was apparent that folk music was going to influence other music soon just like rock had. With folk music in the air and rock still being relatively popular in the start of the 1970’s, the next era of music went on a limb creating melodies and tunes with a completely fresh and different sound. Hard rock then immersed into society, a popular band leading the movement being known as The Who. The Who is believed to be one of the most impactful bands towards the heavy metal/hard rock genre.  The Who released “Pinball Wizard” in 1969, instantly becoming a hit in the United Kingdom and eventually gravitating towards America’s top hits as well.

Their use of a musical synthesizer allowed the band to develop a unique sound that other artists would inspire from. Parallely to other previously developed genres, Glam Rock began to move up in United Kingdom’s music industry, and eventually America’s. With the release of “Rock N’ Roll All Nite” by Kiss, the people fell in love with the drastic uniqueness and out of the ordinary look Glam Rock gave off. Glam Rock can be remembered as an era of outrageous makeup, along with costumes equally as ludicrous to make for a completely wild genre. Kiss falls directly under this category of music by their remoriable use of makeup and their style of music.

Glam uses the sounds from guitar, bass, drums, often a keyboard and most importantly vocals to create a sound the people loved. It was not the style of sound Glam Rock possesed that allowed it to be such a popular genre, but the performance and overall appearance of the artists that drew attention from the people.All these genres were arising in a time period where a lot was happening not only musically but socially as well. The next genre stealing the people’s hearts can be labeled as Funk Music. Using music previously arising as far as a decade before, Funk Music combined blues, jazz and soul music to create tunes for mainly the African American community. Funk music combined the use of instruments from all the previous genres of music to create a smooth, funky sound. Artists like Stevie Wonder, who began his career at only age 11, can be seen as a hero in the Funk Music world.

Wonder in particular was extremely impactful in the music world, receiving twenty-five grammy awards, and selling over 100-million records. It was apparent that Funk Music and the soul, jazzy vibe it gave off was becoming popular amongst listeners. Similar to Funk music, a new genre of music developed known as Disco music. The sound of Disco was upbeat, easy to dance to, which influenced the artists and listeners to wear bright and flashy outfits. With disco music primarily playing in disco-techs and clubs,  this music first attracted immigrants, homosexuals and party people.

But ironically, a momentous group of middle class white brothers known as the Bee Gees used the electric guitar, as well as the bass mixed with drums and often a keyboard to really get this genre known. It didn’t take long for The Bee Gees to become popular through disco music, as their first top hit was released in 1965. This band is well known for being in the top hits, as at one point, they had five songs holding places in the top charts at the same time. Even the great Rolling Stones announced this band as “Earthly Angels of Music”. Punk came in the later 1970’s, with Sex Pistols leading the genre.

This genre gave out a rebellious image, allowing a lot of “garage bands” to arise from the shadows. Using the typical guitar, bass, intense drums and unique vocals, this genre was a hit in not only America but especially the United Kingdom. The Sex Pistols included four artists who only released one album and four singles throughout their career, but made a large impact. This was a new kind of sound, a wave of alternative kind of music was overcoming the world. The music was primarily focusing on the social and economic happenings in the world at that time, naturally attracting listeners.

It was lyrics that the common individual could relate to. 1980’s music can be associated with wild hair, bright colors and new sounds. New Wave took over the radios at the beginning of the eighties. Most individuals were okay with this because New Wave included songs that were all different from one another. With this completely unique genre coming after punk music, punk artists claimed new wave as a success of their own.

Using influences from all the previous era’s of music, new wave combined all kinds of genres to create a new genre of its own. For example, New Wave icon Blondie, incorporated reggae, pop, disco and some hip-hop to create tunes the people loved. This genre impacted the music industry by proving how much wiggle room is in the creation of music. New Wave proved there are so many different kinds of beats and tunes to be created, inspiring other artists to get creative with their sounds. The movement of Grunge music started to become popular in the late 1980’s. With a mix of hard rock, punk and a little taste of alternative, this kind of music is still popular to this day.

One of the great grunge bands is Nirvana, whos music is still being listened to by many today. Nirvana’s top hit songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Come As You Are” attracted listeners who craved rebellion and wore raggidy, ripped clothing. A huge portion of grunge’s success can be directed back to the startup of MTV. Music Television displayed artists music videos constantly, playing whatever was being released at the time.

With grunge circling around in the air, they began playing bands such as Nirvana, Sound Garden and more. This inspired artists to create interesting music videos in order to gain more popularity and a chance for new listeners.

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