Music lit

Music is included in Howard Gardner’s theory of
Multiple Intelligences

Which Behavior is acceptable at a jazz concert but not at a symphony concert
Clapping wildly after a solo

Of the following, which is a universal function of music found in world cultures
All of the above

The most critical “window” for music learning is:
Between age 3 and age 5

Music aptitude can best be described as musical

Music learning is similar to learning

Audiation means:
To hear music in the mind

Current research indicates that at age 9, music aptitude no longer fluctuates. It has:

The rate of speed at which a piece of music is played is its:

Music can be loud, quiet, or at various points in between. The term for this is:

The element of music that organizes movement in time is:

Organized patterns or groups of rhythmic pulses are called:

The first accented beat of a pattern/grouping of rhythmic pulses are called:
a downbeat

The simultaneous use of two or more rhythmic patters is called:

Which term would most likely be associated with a waltz?

A name that begins on a downbeat is:

A name that begins on an upbeat is:

The preservation and/or sharing of music without the help of written notation is called:
Oral transmission

What pitch is an interval up a 3rd from C?

What pitch is an interval down a 5th from A?

The term a cappella refers to vocal music that is performed:
without any accompaniment

The Musical Alphabet has how many letters?

A specific collection of tones arranged in ascending or descending order is called:
A scale

Which term does NOT define a distance and relationship between two tones

A combination of tones that sounds discordant, unstable, unpleasing to the ear need of resolution is called:

The distance between the highest and lowest tones of a melody is called:
The range

Melodic contour is a map of:
The sequence of high and low pitches in a melody

Which term describes a melody that moves by small intervals

Should a composer write a film score to a horror movie, one might reasonably expect that the music would include a great deal of:

A song with one note per syllable is considered to be:

A musical sound:
All of the above

Which of the following does NOT describe Hildegard von Bingen
She was orphaned at an early age

Which of the following does NOT characterize plainchant
Rich harmonies

The term for a musical pattern that is repeated over and over is:

The earliest type of polyphony was:

Early instruments were classified as bas or haut, meaning
High or low

Which of the following was a lively circle or line dance, often performed outdoors

A shawm is an early version of the modern:

Music aptitude (present at birth) can decrease, but it cannot increase

Music must have elements of both rhythm and pitch

The length or size of a vibrating object has no effect on pitch

Melodies that skip and leap from interval to interval are disjunct

Meter is an organizing principle shared by music poetry

“Rhythm” and “beat” are interchangeable words that mean the same thing

50’s Rock and Roll music is characteristically nonmetric

Melodies that move principally by small, connected intervals are conjunct

A genre is a category or type of music repertoire

The rebec was a type of wind instrument

Secular music is generally intended for religious occasions

Most musical cultures share the concept of melody or musical line

Hildegard was the name of Dr.

G’s first chicken


What quality of a piece of music refers to its structure or shape?

The technique through which performers create music on the spot is know as:

The texture in which all the voices move in the same rhythm on different pitches is called:

Which of the following is the proper chronological order of musical style periods?
Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical

Palestrina’s contribution to church music included:
Not a ****ing clue

The first era of Western music history in which instrumental music was as important as vocal music was the:

A cappella refers to:
Unaccompanied vocal music

Where was the madrigal first developed?

Madrigals were typically composed for how many performers?

Which of the following was NOT a common madrigal topic?

The expressive device used by Renaissance composers to pictorialize words musically is called:
Word painting

Madrigals with simple, pastoral, and often humorous texts were especially favored in:

Which of the following descriptions does NOT describe Don Carlo Gesualdo?

Which of the following most aptly describes Gesualdo’s music?
All of the above

Why does Renaissance vocal music sound different from Middle Ages music?
It is conjunct and has a small range

Who declared that church music should be sung in the vernacular?
Martin Luther

A keyboard instrument in which the strings are plucked by quills is:
The harpsichord

Which of these does NOT relate to Pachelbel

One of Johann Sebastian Bach’s legacies was:
His 20 children, many of whom went on to become important composers

The sacred cantata was an integral part of the:
Lutheran church service

Bach’s Cantata No. 140, Wachet auf, has _________ movements

What is a toccata?
An improvisatory-style, virtuosic keyboard work

After the fugue subject is stated, the second entrance of the subject is called the:

The opening section of a fugue, in which all voices/parts successively introduce the subject (theme), is called the:

What is the correct order of the parts of a fugue?
Exposition, development, recapitulation, coda

What is NOT a technique employed by composers of fugues?
Look it up a-hole

The Doctrine of Affections affected music in what way?
Music was composed in a manner that expressed emotion.

In the musical lexicon, what is tonic?
The first scale tone of the given key

A I chord in the key of C is:

Another term for a V chord is:

Which best describes a two-function song?
Two chords are used in the harmony

Songs using this harmonic progression I V VI IV are referred to as:
Four chord songs

If a musician plays or sings only the “root” or the bottom note of each chord, he/she is playing the:

Syllables such as “du-de” or “do,re,mi” used when singing or chanting are called:

A macrobeat is:
The big beat

One of the most important genres of Renaissance secular music was the madrigal 40. Italian madrigalists set words such as weeping, trembling, and dying with great musical expression

England adopted the Italian madrigal and developed it into a native form

The most important keyboard instruments of the Baroque were the harpsichord, organ, and piano

Unlinke Italian madrigals, Fair Phyllis has no word painting

The use of chromatics led to light, consonant and happy-sounding songs

Bach completed just under one hundred contatas in his lifetime

The text in the madrigal II bianco e dolce cigno has levels of meanings, some of which are erotic

A fugue is a contrapuntal composition in which a single subject is the focal point, thus unifying the work

Baroque composers never used ostinatos (ostinati) in their compositions

Only professional musicians performed secular music in the Renaissance

Miss White ate toast

Johann Sebastian Bach lived a short, unhappy life and had no children

West side story updates the feud of the capulets and the montagues to that between:
The Jets and the Sharks

Which of the following does NOT characterize an oratorio
Elaborate scenery

It was through the musical innovations of the _____ that the opera was born
Florentine Camerata

A drama that is sung is called:
A madrigal

La Fenice is:
An opera theater

The stories for oratorios are generally drawn from:
The bible

A prolific oratorio composer was:
George Handel

Opera chorus music is often marked SATB. This designates:
Soprano, alto, tenor, bass

The vocal style in opera that imitates the natural inflections of speech is called:

A highly emotional song in an opera is called a(n):

When Handel first arrived in London, he established his fame by composing:

Late in life, Handel turned his efforts from the ______ to _______
Opera to the oratorio

Richard Wagner chose to base his librettos on:
German folk legends

A da capo aria has which form:
A B A’

Opera buffa is a particular style of opera originating in:

Teh text of an opera is called the:

The earliest operas took their plots from:
Greek mythology

The term “bel canto” refers to:
A style of singing that features lyrical agility and purity of tone

Graffiti in Italy that read “Viva VERDI” referred to:
Support for Italian political independence

Wagner’s orchestrations used:
Your mom

In addition to composing music, Wagner was a

The principal musical themes in Wagner’s operas, which recur throughout a work and carry specific meanings, are called:

During the Classical era, the prevalent form of opera, which occupied itself mainly with the solemn affairs of nobility and legends, was called:
Opera seria

Dido sings her famous lament in Purcell’s opera Dido and Aeneas just prior to:
Killing herself

In Act III, Scene 1 of Die Walkure (Ride of the Valkyries), what do the Valkyries carry on their horses and bring to Valhalla?
Fallen heroes

Of the following, which does NOT characterize Verdi’s “La donna e mobile” from Rigoletto?
The melodic contour contains wide leaps

Porgy and Bess characterized by which musical elements?
The incorporation of African-American blues Jazz

Gershwin’s Summertime suggests:
An African-American spiritual

The form of Gershwin’s Summertime is:

The storyline for Jesus Christ Superstar is told through the eyes of:

Jesus Christ Superstar’s initial introduction to the public was as a(n)
Broadway production

The tone of the Catalogue Aria (Madamina) from Mozart’s Don Giovanni is:

Handel’s Messiah is a(n):

Wagner’s cycle of four music dramas is called:
The Ring of the Nibelung

Who came to dinner and prompted the meal to end badly?
The ghost of Donna Anna’s father

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