Music test 7

In music the early twentieth century was a time of what?
Revolt and Change

The most famous riot in music history occurred in Paris on May 29, 1913, at the premier of?
Igor Stavinsky’s “The Rite Of Spring”

Composers drew inspiration from an enormous variety of sources including
Folk and popular music, the music of Asia, Africa, and Latin America; and European art music from the Middle Ages through the 19th century.

One of the greatest 20th century composers ______________ was also a leading scholar and peasant music of his native Hungary and other parts of Eastern Europe.
BĂ©la Bartok

Other composers stimulated by folklore were _________________ and _______________
Stravinsky and Charles Ives

A rapid slide up or down a scale

Strings were made of

Have become prominent and numerous
Percussion instrument

A piano is used in orchestral for?
A percussive edge

A combination of two chords heard at the same time is called

To create fresh sounds, composers used scales other than major or minor. For example
All the above

Tones are a 4th part instead of a 3rd
Fourth chord, not all the above.

A chord made up of tones only a half step or a whole step apart
Tone cluster

The use of two or more keys at one tome

The abscense of tonality or key

Who wrote the first significant atonal prices around 1908?
Arnold Schoenberg

Use of two or more contrasting, independent rhythms at the same time

A motive or phrase that is repeated persistently at the same pitch throughout a section

Recordings of such lesser known music multiplied with
The appearance of long-playing discs.

Radio broadcasts of love or recorded music began to reach a large audience during
The 1920’s

Christmas Eve 1951, brought the premiere of the first opera created for television
Amahl and the night visitors.

The most influential, with branches in many countries
The International Society for Contemporary Music

Was among the most important teachers of musical composition in the 20th century
Nadia Boulanger

Impressionism was best represented by the music of the French composer
Claude Debussy

Impressionist painting and symbolist poetry originated in what country

Impressionist:Sunrise was painted by

Impressionist paintings during the 1870’s were seen as formless collections of
Tiny colored patches

Impressionist painters were concerned primarily with effects of
Light, color, and atmosphere

Impressionists were obsessed with

Poets to know

The poem that inspired Debussy was written by

Made up of 6 different notes

5 tone scales heard in javenese music

A pagan forest creature that is half man and half goat

Since WW2 music styles have
Taken many new directions and changes.

Is marked by emotional restraint, balance, and clarity

Most neoclassical composers favored

Who designed sets for Stravinsky’s first neoclassical work?

The deliberate evocation of primitive power through insistent rhythms

The right of spring is
Scored for enormous orchestra.

Expressionist movement was during

Expressionism is
Also an art concerned with social protest

Expressionist painters to know, (which is not question)
Kirchner,Nolde,Munch and Kokoschka.

Which composer painted and even participated in the shows of expressionist artist?

20th century musical expressionism grows out of the emotional turbulence in the works of romantics like
Wagner, Mahler, and Strauss.

The four expressionist composition we will study all have what in common? (Not all the above)
All 4 avoid tonality and traditional chord progressions.

Who were two of Schoenberg’s students?
Beth and Webern

Around 1908 Schoenberg …
Took the revolutionary step of abandoning the traditional tonal system.

A succession of varying tone colors used as a musical idea in composition
Tone color melody(Klangfarben-melodie)

A term that literally means speech-voice

In a twelve tone composition, all pitches are derived from a special ordering of twelve chromatic tones……..
Tone row,set,or series

What is true about “A Survivor From Warsaw” (all the above)
Schoenberg wrote it himself, based partly on a direct report by o few survivors of the Warsaw ghetto, 400,000 Jews from this ghetto died in extermination camps or starvation.

The novel speech-singing developed by Schoenberg

What were the three languages of Schoenberg’s life?
English,German, and Hebrew

_____________,______________, and ________________ play a crucial role in creating form in Webern’s music.
Texture,tone color, and dynamics.

Weberns music is ____________

Webern’s chamber orchestra contains how many soloist?

Webern exploited Schoenberg’s idea of a
“Melody built of tone colors” atomized into 2 or 3 not fragments.

Bartok evolved a completely individual style that (All the above)
Fused folk elements, classical forms, changes of meter and a powerful beat and 20th century sounds.

Bartok unifies the contrasting movements of a composition by
Bringing back a theme in transformed versions.

Within the tonal frame-work, Bartok ised
Harsh dissonance,polychords, and tone clusters.

Communist party made (all the above)
Composers oblige to follow the doctrine of “social realism”, demanded that they reject modernism and emphasize everything that is “heroic,bright, and beautiful.” And music had to be accessible and melodic and avoid excessive dissonance and complexity

Ives second choice of job
Insurance business

His scores accumulated
In the barn of his connection farm.

Ives compositions consisted of (all the above)
Revival hymns and ragtime, village bands and church choirs, and patriotic songs and barn dances.

A neighborhood in manhattan where the popular music business was centered (Gershwin)
Tin Pan Alley

George Gershwin often collaborated with
His brother Ira

George Gershwin’s song _____________ was a tremendous hit; the recording by the singer Al Jolson sold millions of copies.

Is an opera which deals with the lives of poor black people in Charleston South Carolina
Porgy and Bess

The flowering of African American culture during the years 1917-1935 sometimes called the
Harlem Renaissance

In 1921 Copland went to France where he was the first American to study composition with
Nadia Boulanger

Appalachian spring originated as a ballet score for
Martha Graham

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