Musical Devices (Poetry)

Musical devices
use of words for auditory effect,can convey meaning or mood or unify a work

repetition of consonants at the beginnings of words (sounding sea)

repetition of a vowel sound with non-rhyming words (night, tide, lie)

repetition of consonant sound or sound patterns, especially at the end of the words. (blank, think)

the use of words whose sounds suggest their meanings (swish, crunch, buzz)

a technique in which a sound, word, phrase, or line is repeated for effect or emphasis (Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble)

Rime (or Rhyme)
repetition of the accented vowel sounds and all succeeding sounds.

Masculine Rhyme
When the rhyme sounds involve only one syllable, as in lure and cure

Feminine Rhyme
when the rhyme sounds involve two or more syllables, as in fertile and turtle or spitefully and delightfully

Internal Rhyme
occurs within a line

Slant rhyme
or approximate rhyme occurs when the sounds are not quite identical (care, dear)

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