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       My SuccessRichard ObenchainECPI University1/12/2018  Introduction:In this paper, I will be sharing with you what I intend todo when I get out of college. I will be looking for a few different jobsincluding Ethical hacking, Information technologyhelp desk and data analyst. More than likely I will have to start out withether Information technology help desk or data analyst because of how the jobhierarchy works. I will also be discussing the education needed for these typesof jobs as well as the wages they get.Education:No matter what typeof job you intend to get in the future, you will have to work at it and striveto better yourself in that field of work. In my case I am going to get a bettereducation so I can get a decent paying job so I can help my family with billsand such. In the Information technology field of work, employers look for 2things, certifications and some type of degree in collage. They want peoplethat they know can get a certain job done in a reasonable amount of time justlike every other employer.

Thankfully ECPI University has all thecertifications that are needed to get these types of jobs that I want. Some ofthe certs that will be needed will be the CompTIA and cisco systems certs. Tonarrow it down a little bit I am striving to be an Ethical hacker, this means Iwill have to know how to program in almost all the languages to be able tocreate patches and tools to make security easy for the customers. It is alittle different with- Information technology Help desk, with this it will bemore soft skill based as well as your knowledge with networking and thecomponents of a computer. With Data Analysist, you will be watching traffic asdata comes in and out of the servers and watching for malicious and weirdtraffic such as a webpage that is infected with a piece of malware that caninfect the computers then worm down into a server and cripple the company. Finding an employer:Nowadays a lot ofemployers are looking for people that know about computers and how to helppeople with computers.

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There are plenty of sites you can go to find jobs, internshipsetc. So, I narrowed it down to a few that I found that had quite a bit of Informationtechnology job postings., www.indeed.

com and are a few that Ifound. In my opinion and indeed.

com are your best choices. Thereason I say this is because and are more mainstreamedthus giving it a bigger employer base. I found with personal experience that atleast 1 or 2 Information technology jobs opened in Virginia every day.

But Theydo require experience and at least a bachelor’s degree for that specific field.If you find a company and there is no information you can find and you alsowant reviews on the company then is a good place to go, they havethe history of the company such as when it was founded, where it was foundedand much more. In my case I will be looking at Phacil, it is a private companywith 501 to 1000 employees, it was founded in 2001, the revenue is $100 to $500million per year, and they are located in Arlington, VA.

They are a government contractorso more than likely you will need some type of security clearance and a majorbackground check. In Roanoke, VA you can expect to get around $46,087 per yearfor an Information technology help desk job. For a Ethical hacker job there aredifferent wages for every company so you may need to pick and choose whatcompany will give you more in the long run  Resume preparation:It is always good inmy opinion to keep a good resume for future employers, that why I am going togive a website that might help you build and design your resume. The First one Ifound that I found useful was www.uptowork.

com, this website allows you to editinformation in a way that it is more simplistic to modify and make. It givesyou boxes to be able to list the addresses, phone numbers, emails, LinkedIn, twitterand more. As far as I can see there are no downsides besides having to sign up forthe website to save the document. Skills needed forthis job field:The skills requiredare pretty much self-explanatory for all job in the Information technology field,it is recommended that you get your A+ and most CompTIA certs.

You need thesebecause mot employers want to know that you know what you are doing when itcomes to computers. You will also need soft skills like I said in the 1stpart of the paper. Challenges:Some challenges that Iwill face in the Information Technology Field will be competition. As more andmore Data breaches happen, more and more people are in need of Informationtechnology helpers. Almost all big corporations have some sort of networking systemimplemented. That’s where people like me come to play as well as a lot of competition,there will be only a few things that will set the others out from me, thosethings will be experience, the number of certs and my resume. Those will besome of the challenges that I will face when finding a job, others will involveschool and its work.

I say this because I have never been good at school work,not because I didn’t try, but because I never got anything that the teacher wassaying. I also didn’t do courses that I wanted and I thought would be beneficialto me in the field of study that I wanted to go in. In addition to my schoolwork, I need to help my family with bills since my mother is now retired andbills are so high. There will also be challenges where to work. I don’t want tolive too far away from my home roots but if I have too I will, there are notmany places to work around Virginia for ethical hacking.

So more than likely I willhead up towards the dc area to find a government job that pays well. Anotherconcern for me will be the stress of school and everything in between. EverythingI try to do to lessen the stress just amplifies it by a lot, I just don’t know howto deal with it in anyway.

The only thing I can see not stressing me out andcalming me down is socializing with friends and playing video games. Playinggames with my friends makes me forget about what has happened that day andhelps me get in a different state of mind. Socializing with friends helps get anxietyout without having a major problem like get angry.  Final thoughts:In my final thoughtson everything that I have discussed, I think that if I keep up with my work inschool, give effort and try to keep stress levels down, then I will do fine. Itwill be a challenge because of my personality, but if I can figure a way todeal with stress in school then I will be one hundred percent better.

I neverdid care about the certs until now because in my thought process I didn’t realizethat I would be going to collage so soon. I thought I would be going at age 22or 23 but never this early. I didn’t like my job at katch construction andsupply so I decided to improve myself so I could make more money for me and myfamily and learn more about the information technology field. When I go to lookfor a job I know I will not get the 1st job that I am looking for,but at least I will be doing something that I like and want to do in my life.

Iknow the road ahead is not going to be a beaten path, but I am willing to takethat chance to make my life better. Citations:Certified DataAnalyst: Job Description and Certification Requirements. (n.d.).

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