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Last updated: September 20, 2019

My plan for professional development in Healthcare Administration has begone by taking this step on furthering my education in the field of Healthcare Administration. It’s been a dream of mine to work in the healthcare industry to try and change how treatment and services are rendered to patients. There are several principles and theories on how to be successful leader in the field of healthcare, but I was raised to lead by example (Ghost Writing Essays, 2016). To be effective as a healthcare administrator education is the most important goal. To learn all aspects of the healthcare system and how it works. Healthcare is always changing and so is their policies, laws, regulations, billing, and coding, etc. New technology is always evolving and new treatments (Ghost Writing Essays, 2016), and procedures are continuously being introduced.

So, to be successfully as a healthcare Administrator it’s our job to stay educated and updated on what’s new in the field of healthcare (Ghost Writing Essays, 2016). My vision for success is to run a facility where individuals feel comfortable and safe when they are sick or ill. Our facility needs to not only think about the tasks that are at hand but the system as well.

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Having strong relationships with our medical professionals as well as with the patients, public, and its board members assists in scrutinizing over policies (Ghost Writing Essays, 2016), procedures, and making decisions. I was taught to think outside the box and look at every aspect of how something can be done and to be a true and successful leader one should utilize a little of each leadership style throughout their course of their career. Honesty and integrity are a must when working in any field and sharing ideas or intentions when making decisions regarding policies, and procedures should not be withheld from others, nor should they be unheard from others either.

Accountability is the biggest error in most unsuccessfully businesses and relationships and as a leader, you must be accountable for mistakes that you make that could or have affected the business. Teamwork is essential, and trusting your staff is very important in being productive (Telegraph Media, 2017), as well as ensuring they stay updated and educated. Time management is very important to ensure that the operation is running smoothly (, 2018). This is a huge problem in the healthcare industry especially for patients and something I hope to improve, so as I continue my education I hope to gain the knowledge and experience to accomplish my goals of being a successful leader as a Healthcare Administrator.

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