My Arguments For and Against Abortion

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy. The termination of an unborn child. Some people are very against abortion and think it is wrong to even think about stopping the life of an unborn child and others believe within in reason it should be permissible. The unborn human is still a human life and in my view shouldn’t really be destroyed except in extreme cases. It is a true fact that from the moment of conception, a new human life has been created. No one can doubt that when a human sperm fertilizes a human egg a new human being is created.A new human being who carries its own genes to make that human being unique from anyone else. All the foetus needs to grow into a baby, a child, an adult, is time, nutrition and a suitable environment.

It is determined at that very moment of conception whether the baby will be a boy or a girl, the colour of his eyes, what blood type he will have. A foetus is not just another part of a women’s body for 9 months, it’s a living thing, with its own tiny heart. A foetus’s heart started beating just 4 weeks after being created, beating before the mother even knew she was pregnant?By 12 weeks, all his organs are formed and all his systems working. By 23 weeks it is obvious to all, except those who deliberately choose to ignore, this is a young human being. A mother is able to have an abortion up until the 24th week. Women are able to have an abortion if it puts them under mental pressure or physical harm, or there baby is very disabled. But surely if the woman says she will be mentally harmed by having the baby to look after, what effect it is going to have on her if she goes ahead with the abortion.Will she really be able to cope with having killed her baby on her conscience? Who chooses life or death for this unborn baby because abortion is the taking of a human life? The woman of course, it is her body, right? Wrong.

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The baby isn’t only hers, it’s also the fathers, and does the father not have any rights? It seems not. Often an abortion is carried out without the father even knowing about the existence of the baby. Should we really leave the right to have an abortion a personal decision only?Some people may say we are “Playing God” being able to control life, using contraction and having the option of abortion. But is it really “Playing God” if we are protecting children from feeling unloved and unwanted? That is the question. What are the limits on “Playing God”, should we be able to stop people having disabled children or should we let them choose how their baby looks- whether he has his father’s nose or his mother’s eyes? Abortion is the taking of a life, ending a life before it had really started.People are called criminals for killing people, so why aren’t mothers who have abortions called criminals and murderers? Is it because the unborn baby hasn’t “come into the world” yet and so therefore we value it differently, of course, different human beings have different values to each of us as individuals for example my mother means more to me than she does to you, but the right to life for all humans should always be, it is not something for one person to another to differ on.

It is easy to be concerned with the lives of people we know and love than others.Given a choice would you rather thousands of people died in Ethiopia of flooding or a serious accident involving a close friends or favourite relatives? Some people pretend to themselves that the unborn child is a less valuable human life because it’s with us the same way the rest of your family and friends are and therefore some people are able to destroy potential life. Well I agree the unborn baby has not developed the full potential it may have, it may be waiting to become the next Prime Minster or the only person to find a cure for cancer.But none of us reach the point where our full potential is exposed, some may get closer to our full potential than others, but this does not give the right to kill others.

Those in favour of abortion are surely weak, believing that the unborn baby does not have much value as other humans. All this unborn baby lacks is the ability and stability to use his potential. Do people kill the poor, sick, handicapped and mentally ill if they don’t use their potential, no? Here is an example, you are 16, this is your final year of GCSE’s and you are pregnant, you’re due to have your baby just before your exams start.What are you going to do, will you continue the pregnancy and do as well as you can in your exams, and hope that you aren’t too stressed and tired? Or do you have an abortion, forget about it and do your exams, have plenty of revision and do well, then remember what you have done afterwards? Well this now seems to be the big question for a lot of young people. They have to decide, this isn’t just their life they could ruin, but another persons, another life.

Do you “give yours up” in the attempt to bring a new life into the world, create new opportunities or simply rule this out and concentrate on yourself.Are doctors really being kind to the girl to allow her to choose life or death for her unborn child? If you do have an abortion it is quite likely that you will regret it later, but what if you don’t want an abortion, if you want to bring a new life into the world, but there is something in the way, for example your parents or knowing the fact the baby will be severely disabled. How does this change your view of abortion, if you know the baby will be born severely handicapped do you continue the pregnancy or have an abortion?Surely it is wrong to kill because it is ill, people will argue it’s fairer to have an abortion so the unborn child does not have a disadvantaged life? There is no evidence for this, since the unborn child can not be asked, but surely if they didn’t want to be born there would be a lot more suicides of handicapped people, but there aren’t, there seems that more of the general population without handicaps wish they hadn’t been born.

But is this the same is euthanasia, killing an unborn child because you think it would have been what it wanted? Euthanasia is illegal so why not abortions?I suppose it depends on how you feel, do you have the energy and love to bring up a disabled child, are you up to the challenge, no one will tell you that it is going to be easy, because its not. But will you have regrets as your child grows older, not being able to things that other children can, even if you’re the proudest anyone could be of their child, you might think about how different life would be without a disability. Why did God give you a child with a disability, was it because he wanted to punish you or purely because he knew you would love the child however he was?If we do have an abortion because of a disability or defect before they are born, why not after they are born? But then, what is a disability or defect, not being able to pronounce your “r”s properly? Considering an abortion when the pregnancy resulted from rape, is different. Rape is an awful crime, but no one can blame the child that may come of it, it is a very emotional decision for the mother.

If the mother had an abortion she has still destroyed a living thing that she half created and if she doesn’t then what?Abortion is the choice of a woman not wanting to continue a pregnancy, so as to prevent there being any unwanted children. How can the mother think it right to kill an unwanted foetus, which is even more defenceless than a newborn baby just because it may grow into an unwanted child? This is merely an excuse to escape the responsibility of becoming a parent, in actual fact the woman becomes a mother the moment she has conceived, whether she wants to be or not. The only way she will not be a parent is through natural death or by killing it by abortion.

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