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Last updated: July 24, 2019

MY STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Specialization in a Graduate Program is a very important phase of a student’s life.One’s entire career is based on this decision; which though looks very small is actuallytoo big. In my case the thought process for this decision was not of a day or two, but of a properly planned and analyzed thinking spread over the last three to four years. Grad school would make me better qualified to pursue my career goals .My initial interest in the subject started in my childhood when I used to toy with computer games, then.My fascination for Computer Science developed then.

My strengths have been my quantitative and analytical abilities and my fascination for Engineering is one long standing. During high school I developed inclination towards mathematics & physical sciences.  The foundation that was laid at the school level education to get projected to a bright career helped me a lot from there on. I opted mathematics and physics as the main part of my study as an undergraduate at 10+2 level.          Undergraduate education has been a period of Self-development and self-realization. I enjoyed my study in Computer Science and Information Technology Engineering at BAPUJI Engg College, as it gave me an opportunity to interact with a strong faculty and students of high caliber. The competition here was stiff but stimulating and I take pride in saying that my academic performance has been consistent The well -structured curriculum has opened out to me a broader and vast developing field of Computer Science and Information Technology  Engineering.

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Through its well-organized and comprehensive course curriculum the college has provided me with a rewarding educational experience. My undergraduate studies include courses like Semiconductor devices and circuits, Switching Theory and Logic Design, Microprocessors, Data Communications, Linear Digital Integrated Circuits, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Organization, Operating Systems, Communication Theory. We were through  C with Data Structures, C++, COBOL, JAVA,HTML,VB,VC++ and DBMS in our Engg curriculum.

The course curriculum by the college versatile in their subject matter and instructions developed in me an appreciation for repertoire of the ideas and the amalgamation of their basic principles. This also made me pragmatic, by making me to see the practical applications of their purely technical principles.  Through continuous practice I have developed a perceptive and confident approach to problem solving.                                  During my fruitful years as an under graduate in BAPUJI Engineering College, I have been exposed to a wide range of courses ranging from humanities to professional engineering subjects.The intensity and quality of course work and instructions provided me with a great deal of depth and confidence within and across a number of functional areas. As  part of this course I am involved in a project Air Traffic Control System. This explains about the message transaction between aircraft and ground ATM System.

The messages from the aircraft come to a Data Link Service Provider on ground through VHF or Satellite media. The DSP then transmit the message to the destine ground ATM System. Similarly messages from ground ATM System goes to DSP. It transmits the message to aircraft through VHF or Satellite media whichever is feasible.                   Inspite of hailing from country having reputed institutions actively involved in research, one may wonder why a student should pursue higher education abroad. My reasons are two fold: firstly, the institutions in INDIA have yet to achieve the level of sophistication of those in advanced countries.

I wish to pursue my graduate studies in different environment altogether. My second reason deals with my overall personality development.                 I am seeking a university which not only provides a conductive atmosphere for creative contribution but which also offers a Close interaction between students and faculty.  I would love to complete my M.S   and be part of research activities.                   I promise to work with perseverance and diligence and I am sure that under the guidance of experienced   and dedicated faculty of   your university,   I will be able to offer my best efforts and contribute in constructive and positive manner.

I’m confident that I’ll match the high standards set by your university and will be an invaluable addition to the student community                    Apart from my course study I have taken part in sports and extra curriculum activities like debates, essay writing, seminars, table tennis, chess and was awarded several prizes in my school and college. Looking forward to graduate studies at your esteemed University      Yours sincerely, (satish kumar samudrala)

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