My bottle of Issey Miyake Cologne. Trayvon’s parents

My paper is on Trayvon
Benjamin Martin who was born on February 5, 1995 and killed on February 26,
2012 by George Zimmerman.  George
Zimmerman shot Trayvon because he thought he was a thief because he was wearing
a black hoodie.  Trayvon attend Dr.
Michael M. Krop High School.  During his
free time he liked to play video games, spend time with friends, and watch
sports.  His last birthday was spent at
home with dinner and gifts that included Levi’s Jeans, Adidas sneakers, and a
bottle of Issey Miyake Cologne.


Trayvon’s parents are Sybrina
Fulton and Tracy Martin.  Trayvon’s
parents divorced 4 yrs after he was born and Trayvon lived with his mom in
Miami Gardens, Florida.  Trayvon was visiting
his dad who lives in Sanford, Florida at the time of his death. When Trayvon’s
dad heard the gunshots he filed a missing person report to the police.  Trayvon has 3 siblings Takira Martin,
Demetrius Martin, and Jahavaris Fulton. 

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This picture of Trayvon in a
hoodie was used in the protest against racial profiling on March 21, 2012.  The people were protesting because they
wanted the world to see how an unarmed African American teenager got shot by Caucasian
male who was the neighborhood watch captain.


George Zimmerman was not arrested
because he said that he used self-defense against a unarmed african american
male wearing a hoodie. On April 11,2012 George Zimmerman was found guilty and
charged with second-degree murder, in support of the charges the State said
that Zimmerman confronted Trayvon and shot him to death while Trayvon was
committing no crime. Sybrina Fulton the mother of Trayvon said that Trayvon
will be buried in a all white suit with a powder blue vest at Dade Memorial
Park, Opa-Locka.


When George confronted Trayvon, he
was on the phone with his 16 year old girlfriend and Zimmerman  said “what are you doing” and Trayvon
responded ” why are you following me” then Martin’s earpiece fell  out his ear and that’s when Zimmerman called
911 and the dispatcher said they heard someone yell “help,help” and a gunshot,
so that tells me that Zimmerman fault Martin then as Martin was on the ground
Zimmerman called 911 to say “there is a suspicious person in the neighborhood”
all because he was wearing a black hoodie and when Zimmerman called it in he
then shot Martin saying that he used self-defense.


Trayvon Martin will always be
remembered as the boy who got shot for wearing a black hoodie and for having
skittles and Arizona Iced Tea. Also when Zimmerman shot Trayvon that’s when the
hashtag #Black Lives Matter appeared on most of people’s social media post and
social media page. So after that’s why most of the innocent young African
American were getting shot. 


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