My first flight

My first flight Two years ago, I travelled to Los Angeles. It was my first flight and I was really scared. I flew there alone. A flight started at 6. 15 a. m. I came to the airport at 6. 20 a. m. but the plane haven’t flown yet. At first, I was scared of that incredible height, but I got used to that. When the plane finally landed, I started to be really excited. I got to the airport and I passed through the security service who took my suitcase and said that they will give that back to me s soon as they check me.

They finally gave me a suitcase and I called the taxi because I needed transport to my hotel. Then I realized that suitcase the security service gave me is not mine. ‘ told them what happened, but they have Just told me: ???We dont care about lost stuff’. I tried to explain that they gave me a wrong suitcase, but they were really busy and they didn’t want to talk to me. My taxi was already on the way and I was really worried.

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I went to the toillete and there I saw a man holding my suitcase but he suddenly got lost in the crowd. My taxi came, but I told the driver to give me Just a minute to find my lost suitcase. When I entered the airport, I saw a man holding my suitcase in a crowd. I ran to him and swapped suitcases really fast. He hasn’t even realized . When he saw me running, he started running after me, but I got into the taxi and we drove away.


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