My Friend Carlos Has Similarities and Differences with Me

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Last updated: October 7, 2019

Outlining I. Introduction Thesis Statement: My friend Carlos has similarities and differences with me II. Body A. Similarities 1. Working right now 2.

Playing soccer 3. Didn’t study other languages B. Differences 1. Studies 2. Doing on free time 3. Kind of movie and music III. Conclusion Essay I’m studying English at ICPNA where I have a friend called Carlos .

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We ‘re studying in advanced eight level whom I have similarities and differences . Both, for example are working after English class .He works like accounting assistent and I work in a warehouse. He works from 9:00 am to 5:30pm and I work from 9:00am to 6: 00pm. He loves his job but sometimes he has to do overtime, the majority of cases he has to balance the cost of invoice. I enjoy with my work but I always have keep in order all inputs and amounts in the systems of the company. Both my friend Carlos and I play soccer on weekends . He plays soccer with neighborhood’s friends and I play soccer with my universities’ friends every Sunday.

Carlos works on Sundays for this reason he plays soccer on Saturday and sometimes the holidays A final similarity is that both my friend Carlos and I didn’t study another foreign language. he always wanted to learn only one foreign language because he need for his career and I didn’t study another foreign language because I didn’t have money to pay that course. One obvious difference is the studies, my friend Carlos studied accounting in Federico Villarreal University, moreover, he finished his career in 2010 .In contrast, I studied industrial electronics at SENATI . In addition, and I finished in 2006. Other areas of difference between my friend Carlos and I do our free time .

Whereas my friend Carlos prefers to listen music and watch movies, I prefer internet surfing and go to the movies. In addition, while he likes action movies and listen Latin music, I like horror movies and listen pop music. My friend Carlos sharing ideas with me, we realize that we have things in common but also things that make us different.

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