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Last updated: September 4, 2019

 Myprofessional goal is to obtain a Master’s degree in counseling with aspecialization in clinical mental health counseling and become a LicensedProfessional Counselor. I myself am a veteran and would enjoy creating a betterprofessional and private environment for soldiers and veterans who aresuffering from PTSD, to help them overcome their social and personal problemsthat have negative influences on their lives. I have always been interestedin interpersonal relationships and assisting in strengthening peoples mentaland physical well-being, some of the most impactful moments have beenheart-to-heart conversations with people expressing their family, emotional andcareer issues. As a veteran, I have witnessed the shortage of qualified mentalhealth professionals within the military community. I decided to pursue thecounseling profession to improve the community that has been beneficial to myintellectual growth, and my educational pathway.

 I begin myservice in the military at the age of 18, and I was surrounded by countless soldierswho were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. The disorderwas so common that those who suffered from it believed that it was normal, and oftendecided to not seek professional help. Others often did not seek help becausethey were afraid of being labeled as “crazy” or “unstable”.

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One of the mostcommon issues as to why soldiers did not seek professional help was because theratio of providers to clients throughout the Department of Defense, was utterlydisproportionate. My personal experiences have given me the opportunity totruly relate to the conflicts of my clients which will in return increasecredibility with my clients, and should contribute to a solid client-therapistrelationship. With a degree in clinical mental health counseling, I woulddefinitely be able to make a difference in the military community. Manyskills that I possess are vital to the mental health community in terms ofperceptual, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, I also consider myself tobe a very diligent person with strong observational skills. It has always been veryimportant for me to help others overcome their own difficulties and diminishtheir burdens through therapy. Happiness and wealth are the keys to livinglonger and fulfilling lives and they both start from within. Asa clinical professional, I look forward to an extensive career helping patientsrealize their fullest potential, and discover happiness in life through thedevelopment of healthy relationships with both society and family.                                                                                 As a full-timeworking mother and wife, the distant learning format of education will opencontinuous doors of opportunities.

Participating in your program will test myintellectual and emotional growth and greatly enhance my professional skills inhelping people to lead happier and more fulfilling lives through thedevelopment of positive and sustainable relationships. Nova SoutheasternUniversity clinical mental health counseling program is precisely what I amlooking for because it allows me to continue to support my family while pursuingan excellent education. I am looking forward to the immersion in the study ofcounseling strategies and intervention models that NSU provides.


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