my my new home, not that you’ve asked but

my oneonly beloved sister, Merry Christmas! I wish you the best of all the worldcould give for you and your baby. Oh, my lord, I wish I could have the chanceto touch the feathering soft skin and the junior probably has a glimpse of yourbeautiful face and hopefully less of his father’s inhumanity. Well that’sanother thing to hold forth about but whatever.

Anyways, how have you been? Ihave much of lingering questions about you and your life ever since I left youfrom long lasting months ago. I couldn’t even keep up with time after I’ve beensent here with those other blockheads with atrocious sense of style. Youhaven’t written much to me, kept me on the hook! Why haven’t you written for mehoney? You must have been really busy with the baby, or is it that ape ofhusband of yours abandoned you from me.

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I’m sorry I couldn’t really vanishthose days where I watched you slip through my hands and I always thought thatyou’d come back and tell me, all you found was heartbreak and misery while youare hanging back with the brutes. Enough of those old days of melancholy andtake care of you and the junior.   I’ve beendoing quite fine in my new home, not that you’ve asked but I really need totalk to somebody other than my walls. I’ve been really terrified to step outsidefrom the Matron that restrained me or the fear that’s ubiquitous through thathalls but what’s keeping me holding is the greenery and the golden sunset theyreminded me of Belle Reve. Not that my room is any worse, I’ve jazzed up myroom a little, I covered the lamps with those beautiful paper lantern you knowI like, having a wizened look isn’t really that impressive especially fromthose merciless scowls. I even have maids working for me now like the oldendays in Belle Reve, though I must say they are nothing like the ones back home,they are belligerent and bitter, so I can say with their food. Though, I placedmy furs in the cupboard myself, in case one of those absurd tried to stealanything.

You know I couldn’t depend on the kindness of strangers no more, it’sthe reason for my state currently.  I’m cleansing my soul from the past,especially when I have my warm bathes in the morning because that’s when thewater tends to be warm despite the hasty rough baths. They are unpleasant but Ihave to soothe my nerves and you maintain my beauty for the new admirer ofmine. I haven’t told you yet but my instincts never fail me about my doctor, hischeckups are beyond more than just for my condition. He isn’t the macho typeI’m applaud to and keeps telling me that I’m unacceptable to believe in realityand retreat into illusion and all this nonsense. Yet indeed, young andchivalrous as he reminds me of my good old days of youth when those cavalierboys were chasing me for my irresistible jasmine scent. Undoubtedly, defleursde jasmin is the path to a man’s heart, unlike that Pollack that lacks therefinement to appreciate fine tastes like you and me.

Don’t let me get startedon my next cruise with Shep Huntleigh that will be beyond realism, just like magic.Aid me into forgetting the past, the sound of gunshots slithering round mythoughts. I met another southern lady like me who lost her man in the world warand is tremendously hurt that she was mentally ill and she confessed to me thatshe hates how the world is changing and the diversity of the people as shemisses the old days. I couldn’t agree more if I’m brutally honest. I hope I don’treach to that state in mind and Shep would come and rescue me. Wish it could’vebeen any earlier as I count the days but he’ll find time as he’s a very busysuccessful man and he will change my life unlike any other man. Ill perhapsconvince him to help you with your transference from that Pollack’s downrightbestial habitat you live in that is completely unhealthy for your baby.   Perhaps starta new life with a southern chivalry and gallantry like man and live the lifeyou deserve to live and the respect you deserve.

As the southern belles you useto be, permits you with a higher social status man than Stanley and a life ofriley honey. Your choice in your man contemplate on your ridiculous nature thatI’m genuinely despondent about, ever since he pulled you down off the palacedown far from that high status you use to retain. That inhuman like shadowhusband of yours hunted me and its finally time to reveal some of the darkobscurities that has distressed me since that past. Stella my dear, have youforgotten your roots? The idea that this brute pleasure-seeking man, a holdoverfrom the Stone Age to be a father of a child is horrific to no end honey.Stanley’s bestial loud gaudy traits and his implicit animal joy in his being iscompletely out of our nature and culture, nor should be an influence on thebaby. Honey, what you are on about is just mad desire, it all starts to showbeyond the façade and the difference of his nature when you start a house and afamily.

Remember your roots, your prestigious status, your nature as abeautiful belle, Mother would be disappointed. Nevertheless, you’ll still be myone and only sister that’s just experimenting with life but I love in spite ofeverything. Wish I could hear from you more as you will defiantly hear from meabout my magical cruise with Shep.   

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